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Earth, Melancholia and Nibiru

Lars Von Triers 2011 movie Melancholia, "A beautiful movie about the end of the world"

The movie title and poster certainly doesn't give us much of a clue as to Melancholia's storyline, not by a long shot.

Eerily, Melancholia is the name given to a rogue planet, appearing much like Nibiru's return path of orbit towards Earth as given to us throughout history by numerous ancient cultures which survived, and now purposefully hidden from us by our government and agencies such as NASA, NOAA, etc.

Melancholia, the planet, is juxtaposed in its inevitable approach and destructive ending with the celebration of a wedding symbolizing a beginning. Perhaps these situations are actually both metaphors for new beginnings. As the saying goes, every new beginning is some other beginning's end.

There is undeniable beauty in the immenseness of nature of which we are not separate from, and our universe for which we have absolutely no control, but can find ourselves in a state of grace if we can balance knowing with living. This human struggle for grace and transformation is evidenced by the characters, and especially seen in the main character Justine (Kirsten Dunst).

The movie's not going to provide the computer graphics imaging of earth-rending, heaving and collapsing buildings, tsunamis, and fantastical survival scenes of characters as seen in other apocalyptic movies like 2012, San Andreas, The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day, War of the Worlds, Armageddon, The Terminator, Deep Impact, Knowing, etc.

As mentioned in Roger Ebert's review of Melancholia, you're also not going to see governmental struggles and chaos with citizens, civil disorder, martial law, progressing news reports of the planet's approach, and the like.

Interestingly, the character John (Keifer Sutherland), seemingly more knowledgeable about astronomy, Melancholia's approach to Earth and its implications also strives to keep knowledge from his wife (Justine's sister, Claire), son (Tim), and Justine. Characterized as reassuring, obsequious and protective, yet ostensibly preparing for a power outage by stocking up on supplies, John simultaneously observes Melancholia all the while - and then abandons his family, taking his secrets with him.

Somehow, in part, John's character appears to correlate with what we observe in our own government's actions: say nothing, provide disinformation, distract while gathering all the resources in preparation for the Continuity of Government, then hide in seemingly safe underground luxury.

The military, militarized local law enforcement already operating in police state mode, and the majority of us approximately 319 million people will be left behind and above ground. Governmental preparations here in the U.S.A. for citizens - the inconsequential, "the useless eaters" (some of the elite call us) - consist of herding and controlling via eventual and likely fabricated martial law circumstances, FEMA camps (FEMA Camp Locations in America), and converted box stores, sports arenas and other facilities used as processing centers. (Also see "The Velodrome d'hiver Roundup: July 16 and 17, 1942").

It's not the same in other countries. For example, Switzerland has constructed underground facilities for 100% of the country's population ("The well hidden bunkers of the Swiss Army and Swiss Air Force"), and has the largest militia per capita of any country. All militia soldiers take their guns home; they have ammunition and access to additional ammunition. The citizens are required to build bunkers or help pay for community bunkers.

 "...If the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.”   George H. W. Bush

Bush's statement is applicable for many actions in the political, corporate, and banking arenas in the U.S.A. and at all levels of government, and yet they still continue. Perhaps Bush and others like him maniacally rub their hands together with glee, and laugh behind closed doors to observe what they've gotten away with, namely money, as stealing it usually coincides with their actions.

Brunswick had a town manager who'd often rub his hands together as he spoke during town council meetings about money, town expenditures and the like. He'd said so much through his body language, but most didn't seem to notice.  

Most of us haven't noticed a lot throughout the years because we've been busy living our lives, raising families, saving for 401k, working for a house with the white picket fence, sending kids to college, etc. Remember "Everybody's Working For the Weekend"? (At minute 2:25, Vevo) And they've taken advantage of our busy-ness via a long-term, multi-pronged, concerted strategy, which has been successful so far.

In order for the American people to find out what's been done, the majority need to be awake and are not, which explains why none of the psychopaths have yet been chased down the streets, tarred and feathered, and otherwise held accountable (The few convicted and jailed white-collar criminals given the opportunity to pay for upgraded jail cell accomodations doesn't count). (Nobody Dreams of Becoming a Resource)

When George H. W. Bush spoke about a New World Order (NWO) the majority likely had no clue what he'd meant and that it'd be the beginning of erosion of U.S.A.'s sovereignty, including demise of our economy and petro-dollar.

Most Americans still aren't aware we don't even own our national parks; they're governed by the United Nations under international law (UNESCO, headquartered in Paris, France).     

UNESCO World Heritage sites also include places like the Statue of Liberty and Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson. Taxpayer money is taken, but we have no say because we have no representation.

The people, along with our public assets which also belong to our future generations, are being systematically sold and taken.

We are the tax cattle. 

While feeling empathy for the people of Greece now faced with scarcity of food, money and security, make no mistake, other nations as well as ours are headed down the same path. These things have been planned.

The near empty shelves seen in Greece grocery stores, Venezuela and other countries, will be seen in the U.S.A.

Lloyd's of London - Food System Shock, Emerging Risk Reports, June 2015:  Society and Security, Food System Shock, The insurance impacts of acute disruption to global food supply. (Lloyd's.com)

As evidenced by Obamacare, insurance is big money (Surprise! Large Insurance Companies Profits Are Up After Obamacare). As most know, in order to protect and even increase profits, insurance companies are greatly concerned with statistics, and compiling scenarios to most accurately predict factors affecting aggregate payouts. Lloyd's of London is no different. The above linked report concerns Lloyd's scenarios of food system shock:

"The food system’s existing vulnerability to systemic shocks is being exacerbated by factors such as climate change, water stress, ongoing globalisation, and heightening political instability."

Lloyd's of London's report utilizes what it labels a plausible scenario predominantly due to extreme and widespread weather changes followed by plant diseases, political and social instabilities (Lloyd's prefers not to label it a prediction). The scenario displays large decreases in rice, maize, and soybean production and increasing commodity prices; a 50% decrease in Australian wheat due to drought; an increase in the price of rice by 500%, heavy losses in U.S. and U.K stock markets; famine and more.

Back to planet "Melancholia". (Note: this YouTube clip's a movie spoiler; you may choose to bypass it and watch Melancholia in full):

Question is: If you know the end, will you choose a state of grace?

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