Saturday, July 11, 2015

Disappearing Obama & the Ads

Some of the pics of Obama in the blog posts are missing - namely this one. 

In reviewing past posts some interesting problems are noticeably repeating. First of all, readers shouldn't see any ads in my blog's postings because I've not signed up to use ads in order to get money. That's not my purpose for writing the blog. I've gone back to remove them, and sometimes they'll show up again. I wonder why it's this particular Obama picture, that's getting repeatedly replaced with an ad showing a gnarly-faced old woman or some other inane product or service?

Another issue is when adding links for other articles; it's really quite simple because there's a box to check on the lower left of the "Link" tool to allow for the convenience of opening into another window. It makes it easier for the reader to not leave the posting in order to take a look at the linked web article. However, although these links were successful for numerous past blogs, now it's sporadic.

Some of the YouTube video links are disappearing as well; and I've gone back to replace them (namely John Moore, "What the Government Isn't Telling You About Global Warming", and Ben Swann "The Origins of ISIS"). A note in the video's place is usually something about the video being removed because that person's YouTube account was closed. Yet when going back into YouTube site the videos are still there.

Interestingly, these issues were observed to have started when my posts began about JADE HELM 15 and Nibiru.

I apologize for any inconvenience to the readers as I appreciate that several people are finding these posts worth a look.

That said, I'll continue to review past postings for these sneaky intrusions into my blog site and leave you with some more videos about Obama:

Obama, "...we're speeding up training of ISIL forces...":

"Obama gets mad at reporters and knocks over podium" (Update:7/12/15 - if the video and arrow have been removed, here's a link):

"Obama dances to Pharrell Williams 'Happy'":


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