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FEMA Warns of Massive Natural Disaster - Nibiru, The Bigger Picture

"Kenneth Murphy, who directs FEMA's Region X, the division responsible for Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska, says, 'Our operating assumption is that everything west of Interstate 5 will be toast.'”     The New Yorker Magazine - July 20, 2015 issue  

Recently, Mainstream Media (MSM) has been highlighting U.S. agency FEMA's warnings to the public about an impending massive earthquake poised for the Pacific Northwest along the "Cascadia subduction zone, (which) runs for seven hundred miles off the coast of the Pacific Northwest, beginning near Cape Mendocino, California, continuing along Oregon and Washington, and terminating around Vancouver Island, Canada." (Ibid) The Juan De Fuca plate meets the Cascadia subduction zone causing pressure; the movement of the two is expected to result in massive earthquakes, loss of up to 10,000 lives and tremendous destruction.

Fox News' presentation and interview with Dr. Michio Kaku, physicist and professor at City College of New York (Dr. Kaku's website here) at left.

"It is coming; it is a certainty...thousands of dogs will bark at alert before the ground liquifies in one area, and a wall of water will slam into the Pacific Northwest up to 100 feet high and 700 feet across..."    Fox News reporter, Shepard Smith

An earthquake of that magnitude in the Pacific Northwest will also bring tsunamis westward towards Japan...

Interestingly, several individuals reporting in alternative news have been voicing concerns about many issues, including the Juan De Fuca plate, the eruption of the undersea volcano off the coast of Oregon in May, and The New Madrid Fault  (more on that below).

Further, news in the same area of massive animal die-offs (including sea lions, pelicans, and dolphins), a reported 2 to 7-degree (Fahrenheit) increase of the ocean's temperature, a "warm blob", and severe Pacific Ocean algal bloom running all the way from Santa Barbara, California to the coast of Alaska has yet to be connected by scientists and MSM with undersea volcano eruption activities.

"Scientist believe there are over a million hydrothermal vents in the deep ocean and now they are discovering more and more volcanoes... Some extinct (no doubt) but others are probably doing their thing in the deep dark depts (sic). How many heat sources would it take to warm an ocean..." (Thousands of undersea volcanoes revealed in new map of ocean floor ... )

Ultimately, Nibiru is, and will be the cause of much destruction. Admittedly, humans have continually caused much harm to both Earth and its inhabitants - chemtrails, Fukishima, and never-ending wars adding to the list. However, as The Destroyer (Nibiru) proceeds closer to Earth, its magnetic pull and impact multiplies exponentially, resulting in increase and severity of earth changes, extreme weather, wreaking havoc with the magnetosphere for which the totality of harmful human activity pales in comparison.

Scientists have recorded other planets in our solar system affected by Nibiru, and Earth is no different. Nibiru is a known and returning planet...but it has yet to be acknowledged simply because the global elite don't want us to know about Nibiru - not just yet; they still have plans to carry out before going underground to hide.

Instead, we're hearing the reason for the certainty of massive earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest is because it's long overdue. Regarding the warm blob, algal bloom, and massive animal die-offs scientists say they need more research. Yet more research data is being denied now for independent scientists by the U.S. government due to an excuse of national security threat:

"In a recent speech, President Obama proclaimed that climate change 'constitutes a serious threat to global security (and), an immediate risk to our national security,' and warned that it actually could exacerbate other menaces, such as terrorism and political instability."

"Investigative magazine Mother Jones broke the story last week that the intelligence agency is shutting down the Measurements of Earth Data for Environmental Analysis program. MEDEA allowed a select group of scientists access to classified information about climate change. Mother Jones said that the data included not only satellite observations, but also ocean temperature and tidal readings gathered by U.S. Navy submarines." (CIA Stops Sharing Climate Change Info With Scientists).

Because of this turn-around by the U.S. government, and totality of actions, it's reasonable to say President Obama appears to have something to hide. However, it won't be long before the populace starts seeing Nibiru. Likely, Obama will explain Nibiru's presence only after hiding from the populace. Something like this would be difficult to explain by saying "we didn't know".

No longer will an infrared telescope be needed to see what's nearby and sneaking upon us...

We'll see increasing numbers of fireballs...asteroids ahead of Nibiru, and after it leaves...wonder about Nibiru's moons...

Wonder what affect Nibiru will have on our moon...and all our space junk. Will all the space junk be taken with Nibiru? ...Or go crashing into Earth?...

Obama, FEMA, et al. are hiding information about The New Madrid Fault:

John L. Casey, President, Space and Science Research Corporation and CEO, International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center sent a letter to FEMA (Mr. Craig Fugate, Administrator) dated June 5, 2015; reads in part:

FEMA Earthquake Impact Assessment
"Subject: Increased Threat of Major Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions in the United States...Our research, to be published in our June 10, 2015 Global Status Report (GCSR), suggests the high probability for catastrophic earthquakes or volcanic eruptions in all the major seismic and volcano regions of the United States has increased significantly. We believe the USA and the world, has now entered the most dangerous period for catastrophic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions (emphasis added) in over two hundred years. In fact, a new trend of increased number and intensity of earthquakes and volcanoes globally, has already started and is generating serious concern in the geology field..."

The New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ) particularly is listed as an area of high concern and falls within the region as seen in FEMA Earthquake Impact Assessment map above.

Therefore, keeping the above in mind, the fact information is being withheld from the public vital to creating their own plans for safety and well-being, along with John Moore's (Nibiru Update - John Moore - Nibiru's Connection With JADE HELM 15) caveat about "chatter", the following is a Q-alert message for discernment:

There is going to be an 'Event' within the next 6 months. -The nature of the ‘Event' is believed to be a Natural Disaster, such as a Solar Flare, but could be something else (Steve Quayle - Q-Topic, Q-Alert):

(Dated July 17, 2015)

"Good Morning and God Bless Steve

I have a long time friend, who is in law enforcement in one of the
Jade Helm states. He is totally logical and factual (sheeple) while I think
more out of the box. I have tried to help him see whats going on, but he always calls me a nutjob with too much time on my hands. I just got a phone call from him, he has been attending FEMA Training, and he is now having a meltdown after what they learned.

The FEMA team revealed:

-There is going to be an 'Event' within the next 6 months.

-The nature of the 'Event' is believed to be a Natural Disaster, such as a Solar Flare, but could be something else.

-The 'Event' will be so catastrophic it will have a severe effect on our fragile
economic infrastructure, so an interm (sic) bank holiday will be declared.

-Social unrest and violence is expected due to the stores being emptied
of food and other supplies, early after the event. So martial law is expected
to be declared.

-The 'Event' is expected to make normal governing of the country extremely
difficult if not impossible, so FEMA will be assuming continuity of government.

-All involved and support personnel are required to maintain a supply of cash
at home for emergencies, and a minimum of three days of food and water for each member of their families. This is not to get them through disaster, but to tide them over until FEMA can establish their Aid Camps.

Those are the major highlights. I asked my friend if he was aware of Jade Helm, he wasn't! Which I found interesting as he is both in Law enforcement, and in a Jade Helm state. When I briefly described Jade Helm 2015 to him... well its obvious there is more going on here than we know.

God Bless, Andy"

  The Red Kachina is preceded by the Blue Kachina - Hopi

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