Monday, April 16, 2018

Warning - Pedovore

Some Will Prefer Not Knowing This:

#Pedovore - The Horror is Systemic & Global
SGT Report

Many already red-pilled will likely know why President Trump's made stopping human trafficking a priority. Further, for those red-pilled it becomes easier to identify flags, methods of distraction and propaganda. It doesn't mean the red-pilled have all the answers, but recognizing and questioning the official narrative from the power elite, at all levels, becomes an almost automatic reflex. The patterns and modis operandi will become more recognizable. For various personal reasons some may not wish to read any further into this article and links provided. Please stop here, if this is the case. Much of what's revealed may need to be taken in doses, in time. For those who've been following Q Anon, the Q warning that the average American will have great difficulty taking in the information is apt.  

What did NYPD detectives find on Anthony Weiner's laptop?

Many have known about the ubiquitous and insidious profit and aberrant motives for human sex trafficking which includes child sexual abuse, but the spectrum of deviant behaviors has included what most would readily deem a realm of horror and evil. 

Q Anon messages are way to circumvent the vastly controlled mainstream media. It appears, per usual, once these Q messages gained traction crowdstrike, bots and trolls surfaced. Some are calling Q a larp, a psyop. However, there are numerous compelling examples and metadata showing the opposite. As many have seen, there's a reason censorship's occurring; they especially don't want us to know this information. Q says they fear people knowing truth and none of them will be able to walk the streets. All is left for discernment, some links below.

From George Webb, Day 180:

From SGT Report, screen captures and link to video below:

Special Counsel, Robert Mueller awarded special recognition to Backpage CEO, Ferrer in May 2011. The FBI also ran at least 23 child porn sites for supposed sting ops (one article linked here) How many years did the FBI run sites like Playpen? How many child sexual predators were arrested and convicted?

From WND article linked here


Almost 1 million children go missing in the US every year, and 8 million children globally every year. Where is the outcry? They, the power elite, use people for money and in deviant ways to also perpetuate the blackmail system - truly a psychopathic methodology. To them, human beings are considered a resource. These people are sick.

Ezili Danto:

How many were/are pedovores? It's evident why Q told us about the tunnels being buried at Epstein's Orgy Island.

Where we go one, we go all. Please be well.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Nibiru, Nemesis System - Update

"We're in the end times," says my neighbor.

Information regarding the Nemesis system is being dispersed in piecemeal fashion. The following BBC documentary excerpt uploaded by Higher Truth YouTube Channel appears an attempt, by those in control, to present relatively new knowledge, when in fact, they've known this since at least 1983. As previously mentioned in Free Brunswick, Robert S. Harrington, about to publish his findings, died from sudden cancer. Could knowledge of the impending approach of this system partially explain the vast, blatant corruption and preparations which have been ramping up since that time? In other words, it seems they didn't care and proceeded in ratlines (illegal operations in moving and profiting from arms, uranium, drugs, oil, minerals, and humans including slavery, sex slavery of children, human organ harvesting - George Webb) and protected each other because they have known full well what's upon us... and intend to hide away.

"BBC Documentary On Planet 9x"

BBC Documentary - A Higher Truth Production link here

They're attempting to control the narrative.

Mockingbird Media wants us to focus on a fake Russian "Pee pee" Dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton, Obama et al, and similar salacious nonsense reports. Mueller's investigation's akin to Ken Starr's Clinton investigation - millions of dollars of taxpayers' money wasted on a "$70 million bag of garbage"; they're playing the same game and know the outcome. The distractions are attempts to keep us from knowledge and many issues including the reality of an opioid crisis they created and continue to profit from (Project Cassandra) - and other highly-profitable lines of human trafficking, human satanic rituals, and human organ recovery/harvesting perhaps being the most shocking to the average American.

They want us focused on some kind of enemy, even among others in our communities, when in fact they are the enemies and traitors of us, our country, and humanity. No surprise they're looking to hide.

One would have to also be completely oblivious not to notice the systematic censoring taking place. Where are all the voices in protest to propaganda and censoring?

Microcosm - censoring began years ago in Brunswick as town council sought to silence those who don't agree with them and/or those reporting on town employees violating laws. Brunswick isn't the only one, similar instances are found all across the nation in other local and state governments. Macrocosm - censoring, particularly material deemed conservative or alt right in "social media" Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and those commenting as such. There are reprisals for those saying "MAGA", displaying a U.S.A. flag, or exposing numerous individuals within communities and our government engaged in child sexual abuse. Yet, these same media allow for pedophile groups and uploads of material representing the same. 

No bunkers for us.

As previously written in Free Brunswick regarding the Nemesis system:

Warnings of Severe Space Weather As Nibiru Advances

FEMA Warns of Massive Natural Disaster

Do the research first.

Vatican sculpture

The following comment from Higher Truth Channel video:

All of what Don Hall has commented on can be researched. And as reported by Higher Truth Channel, NASA has published almost 200 research papers related to much of what's listed by Hall. The information is there... for now.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

George Webb - Revealing Forces of Corruption

What are our elected officials doing about this?

 The majority of Americans still cling to the thought we control the workings of our government through elected representatives on all levels - local, state, and federal. George Webb, among several other whistleblowers, are telling us through documentation and metadata, experience and as expert witnesses this simply isn't true and hasn't been true for decades. The blunt truth is that many officials, not all, appear to have sought positions primarily for reasons of personal enrichment. Slugs and piggies at the trough. Indeed, as Catherine Austin Fitts says, we the people are financially harvested. Seems there are myriad ways for those so inclined, to grab others' money and/or earn and profit including from illegal ratlines operating under the color of law via manufacture, transport, security/protection services, etc. 

George Webb - Spies, Lies - Deplorables Be Ready! linked here

George Webb Day 500 Summary of Entire Year One linked here

Public schools' curriculum may include civics lessons for foundations of American government, purposes and functions of the branches of government, role of the President, etc. However, it's the rare teacher who will educate students about the reality of Shadow Government, Deep State and their numerous mechanisms of planning, implementing, controlling and enforcing their own goals via organizations and those involved.

We often don't want to admit we're being manipulated. Many are good-hearted and want to be and believe in being agents for positive changes often not realizing operations of powerful forces through money-injected astroturfing entities create appearances of grassroots movements. Our egos don't want to accept we've been duped and acquired as useful idiots. This is extremely difficult and many of us have been there with our belief systems. 

credit: Bowdoin News

[It should not matter to whom we're sexually attracted to or how we choose to express ourselves when there's no harm to others. However, fact is we're born either male or female, it's biological and not "assigned" as some even in higher levels of education are manipulated into thinking.

"True hermaphroditism, clinically known as ovotesticular disorder of sex development,[1] is a medical term for an intersexcondition in which an individual is born with ovarian and testicular tissue. More commonly one or both gonads is an ovotestiscontaining both types of tissue." Wikipedia
True hermaphroditism is extremely rare.]

I first learned of government social manipulation programming for US - Gloria Steinem and feminist movement (and IRS having no legal basis for collecting income taxes) through Aaron Russo. (America: Freedom to Facisism Aaron Russo's Documentary linked here  credit to Jeff Webber YouTube Channel.)

Besides our money funding entities working to manipulate social changes and social divisions to maintain control of their tax cattle, using ABC agencies, JTTF, the judicial system, etc. there's also the Senior Executive Service (SES) creating, enabling and assisting in illegal ratlines operating under the color of law - ratlines for weapons, uranium, oil, minerals, drugs, humans. They're all striving to create social divides but don't want us to know the depth of their illegal activities include creating the opioid crisis, being involved in drug trafficking (See Politico's article about Project Cassandra linked here ) human organ harvesting, and human slavery - it never ended. I'd first learned about the SES from Field McConnell of Abel Danger. His sister, Kristine Marcy, created SES in 1979. Marcy was instrumental in entrapment, blackmail schemes via making and creating snuff films... using our money:


George Webb - Day 145.3 Billions To Pak ISI in USAID Was Typical SES linked here

"Obamas SES Army Found" American Intelligence Media YouTube video linked here

"The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know."