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Brunswick's Chief Richard Rizzo to be Fired for Security Data Breaches?

Seems no one recalls seeing any media news article regarding Brunswick Police Department (BPD) releasing personal information, including Social Security Numbers, to at least four media outlets.

Wonder if any of the town councilors were even aware of the security data breaches? If so, did any one of them tell others, or instead participate in the hush-up?

This isn't a case of computer hacking by some anonymous source, but rather the Brunswick Police Department giving out individuals' personal information.

Furthermore, this isn't the first time the BPD released personal information which included Social Security Numbers. As evidenced by the pdf link of documents from the State of New Hampshire below, the police department's security breaches hasn't stopped, but remains an on-going problem BPD hasn't fully acknowledged, rectified, and been held accountable for.

Therefore, since the pdf document letters are both dated May 15, 2015, Chief Rizzo and his subordinates' incompetence and lack of accountability remains with the current Town Manager John Eldridge to address.

Could it be possible your personal information is floating out there because of the Brunswick Police Department?  

In searching the web, it appears some police departments across the nation have fallen victim to instances of their computers being hacked into, but it seems there are no other web documents nor news articles where police departments, themselves, are the culprits for having actually released personal information, including SSNs. Perhaps the Brunswick Police Department under the leadership of Chief Richard Rizzo has the dubious distinction of being the first in the nation.

(See New Hampshire's Department of Justice pdf documents as evidence of Brunswick Police Department's security breaches linked here.)

The above pdf was recently found during a web search for something else. Oftentimes it's the reality, but happenstance isn't how people should find out what's really going on, and especially in matters of law enforcement for which "services" are paid by the people for law enforcement powers and consequences reaching outside their own jurisdictions.

In other words, Brunswick taxpayers pay for law enforcement whose actions impact not only those living in town, but also affect many others outside the town, throughout the State of Maine, including visitors and tourists.

Naively, some don't realize that any contact with BPD (and likely most police departments), results in the collection of personal data and has a high probability of using/including Social Security numbers. Several States require SSNs in connection with driver's licenses.

So, even if someone's calling for services and/or assistance - be it a traffic accident, vandalism, or reporting theft, sexual assault, received a parking ticket, etc., a wealth of personal data is connected in the database. It's no wonder several police department computer records are being hacked.

It becomes even easier if the police department, which people generally and reasonably have an expectation of investigation and protection of individuals from identity theft, becomes a source for handing out personal information. 

Brunswick's Police Department, in fact, has been aware there were problems with employees giving out personal information, including Social Security numbers which they, negligently and/or maliciously, caused to be released to the public as evidenced by letter to BPD dated April 26, 2004 and, in part, reads:
Not a great idea, Mr. Police Officer!

"We had previously inquired about the Brunswick Police Department's practice of including Social Security Numbers (SSNs) on documents and requested they be excluded prior to being released to the public.

Again, we have received reports with SSNs; would you please look into this? It seems prudent that no one should be receiving documents from the Brunswick Police Department which contain SSNs." (emphasis added)

These same concerns were repeatedly verbalized and documented in writing to the BPD even after the date of the above letter. No response was ever received by any Brunswick Police Chief regarding ongoing security data breaches.

Additionally disturbing and also brought to BPD's attention, the Brunswick Police Department has, in at least one known instance, participated in identity theft when former town manager, Don Gerrish, placed a "call" as request for service using someone else's personal identification -  a citizen and taxpayer's personal information, including Social Security number. This specific computer generated log documented on October 2, 2007 listed the "call taker" as Dowling, Kara. The "call modified and closed by" police officer is listed as Lane, Robert 10/02/2007 @0811; said call which was never made by the person whose identity was used.

Identity theft is said to be the fastest growing crime, including medical identity theft:

I'd met a young Navy man while getting documents from the BPD. The man was almost in tears because, in the process of buying a vehicle from a local dealership in Brunswick, he'd found out someone had stolen his identity.

I told the man it'd been my experience the BPD was aware, and still habitually gave out computer reports and/or logs which contained unredacted personal information, including SSNs. And for the price of only $5 it seemed anyone could request a report and possibly get this kind of information directly from the police department itself.

Unfortunately, the man stated this experience represented yet another reason why he couldn't wait to be transferred out of Maine and into a different permanent duty station.

Other local cases of security data breaches which media has covered include People Plus:

"What did People Plus Leak? Nearly every entry in the leaked People Plus database contained a member's full name, telephone number, home address, birth date, partner or spouse name, email address, IP address and emergency contact information, which also included a phone number and home address."

According to the Bangor Daily News article, the leak occurred because of changes to their data system, but didn't raise legal concerns: "...a glitch must have occurred when he was switching the nonprofit to a new database management system with a higher security system protocol."

Nevertheless, the leak of information, which most would consider private, is cause for concern; as one person noted, some individuals live alone. (BDN source).

Malware is reported as the possible reason for a security data breach at Brunswick Hotel and Tavern as reported in The Forecaster, September 2, 2015 (Data breach at Brunswick hotel possibly exposes cards of 2,600).

Medical Identity Theft is reported on the rise, and has even further implications; death has occurred in some cases because the perpetrator's use changed an individual's records, including conditions, prescriptions, and allergy information. (See St. Louis Business Journal article "Medical identity theft is fastest-growing identity crime in the U.S., and also listen to an interview with Heather Weagenhals "Identity Theft Can and Probably Will Happen to You" linked here).

The harm caused by identity theft is enormous, along with increasing numbers of lawsuits including a class action lawsuit against Anthem:

"Less than 12 hours after Anthem Inc. reported hackers had stolen data on as many as 80 million current and former customers, local attorney Irwin Levin already was preparing a class-action lawsuit against the company.

He expects there will be more as Indianapolis-based Anthem tries to control fallout from the largest data breach ever at a U.S. health care company." (article).

Apparently, it's neither easy nor quick to repair the harm done by identity theft which can occur even years after the information was obtained. Even when going through recommended methods of self-monitoring ones' identity and credit in tandem with identity theft insurance, recovering is difficult and in some cases irreparable.

The following are source links to further understand identity theft. Freezing your credit with the three credit reporting agencies is an option, but reading through more information may help individuals decide which route is best to take.

Heather Weagenhals, among other sources, mention the number one priority is absolutely protecting your Social Security Number by not unnecessarily giving it out. It's my understanding that any business or organization requesting an SSN must explain why they need it and what it's used for.

An excellent visual: "World's Biggest Data Breaches" (information is beautiful)

State Redaction Laws

State of Maine - Bureau of Insurance - Notice of Risk to Personal Data Act

Social Security Numbers - FAQ - privacy rights

FBI - Identity Theft

Experian - Security Freeze

Are Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Protection Worth the Cost?

Getting back to Brunswick's Police Chief Richard Rizzo and taking a closer look:

Not surprising is the fact mainstream media, even at local levels, withholds information from the public. And within the four media outlets regularly given police log information for their ubiquitous "Police Beats" it's reasonable to expect someone was aware of these security data breaches by the BPD and said nothing. Instead of reporting, they simply looked away. 

The State of New Hampshire at least makes an effort to be forthcoming and shares security data breaches information in an attempt to possibly mitigate potential and substantial harm by informing people.

(Update 10/02/2015 to include another pdf link for "Identity Theft Resource Center, Data Breach Reports, July 7, 2015". Note: The Town of Brunswick is listed as the entity under "Government/Military" as type of breach in lieu of specifically listing The Brunswick Police Department. Report IRTC20150616-02, page 8 of 14. Access pdf here.)

It's been my experience along with several others, and also my opinion, Brunswick is the antithesis of transparency. If Chief Rizzo is forthright and credible, the public would've been informed of his incompetence and he would've taken responsibility by stepping up to the plate and telling people it had been a documented problem with BPD.

It wasn't long ago the public heard Chief Rizzo hadn't been informing nor requesting approval from the Town Council for surplus military weapons the BPD had taken in for approximately seven years from the Federal 1033 Program. (BDN's article "Brunswick police now must get Town Council's ok before accepting military surplus weapons." dated January 8, 2015).

The following was also found by happenstance in Ripoff Reports this year. Ripoff Reports is a site which maintains permanent records, and the report on Chief Richard Rizzo was written by the same anonymous woman commenting in The Forecaster compelling me to begin with blog post "Smells Like Agenda 21 in Brunswick":

Ripoff Report #1196847 Brunswick Maine Police Chief Rizzo Former Police Chief in Ayer, Massachusetts Contract Not Renewed After Conviction of Mcguane Brothers...Murder (of) Kelly Proctor:

"Kelly Proctor was a promising young black male who lived with his mother and sister in the small town of Ayer, Massachusetts. Ayer is a blue collar,predominantly white working class kind of town.  Kelly Proctor was valedictorian of Ayer High School and a star player on the local football team. While Kelly was walking home from a fireworks celebration in his small town with his friends, he was viciously attacked and beaten to death in less than one minute by the Mcguane brothers, both who were much larger and physically stronger than Kelly.  He never had a chance.  Kelly tried to crawl under an SUV to escpae (sic) the Mcguanes but died at the scene. He was unarmed.  

The vicious beating was witnessed and the entire Ayer community was in shock after Kelly Proctor's murder. He had been well liked and was attending nearby Nichols College.  Outraged parents said AFTER Kelly Proctor's murder that they had repeatedly contacted Ayer Police Chief Richard Rizzo to complain the Mcguane brothers were bullying and physically assaulting their children - and Rizzo did NOTHING.  The Mcguane family was influential in small town Ayer: one member was on the Board of Selectman (that supervised Police Chief Rizzo and approved his contract), another was married to someone on Rizzo's police department and the local high school gym was named after another relative.  2 standards of justice for Ayer Police Chief Rizzo: one for those from the local powerful families and another for everyone else.  Poor Kelly came from 'everyone else" (sic).  
Police Chief Rizzo did NOT investigate Kelly Proctor's death as a hate crime and he worked with Martha Coakley when she was the Middlesex District Attorney. Why weren't federal hate crime charges sought, Rizzo and Coakley?  After all, the Mcguane brothers had bullied Kelly Proctor previously and evidence of this was brought at trial.  Plus, Rizzo and Coakley did NOT bring in a top quality forensic pathologist and one month before trial, the public paid pathologist - who had botched the cause of death - was exposed so the charges were downgraded from first degree murder to involuntary manslaughter.  The Mcguane brothers were both convicted BUT served only 3 years for murdering an innocent young UNARMED black teenager. The poor kid never had a chance against 2 much larger and stronger assailants. 

After the convicton of the Mcguane brothers, Police Chief Rizzo didn't have his contract renewed for 6 months and he resigned, moved 2 states away and became the new Brunswick (Maine) Police Chief. 

While he has been Police Chief in Brunswick, he has allowed an attorney named Mark Waltz to continue to practice his solo law practice while Waltz is paid by the public to work full time days. Waltz also runs a private business called Casco Bay Title LLC which provides real estate title searches.  Rizzo and Waltz have refused (sic) local "influential" people who have been aggressively harassing, targeting, threatening and trying to financially exploit a female who owns private property in Brunswick. These people are all direclty associated with a bogus "non profit" called the Brunswick Tospham Land Trust and their Executive Director Angela Twitchell wh (sic) is an extreme environmentalist.  The Town Manager John Eldridge refused to have an indepependent investigation of Rizzo and Waltz.  And the entire Brunswick Town Council has refused to investigate the Brunswick Police Chief Rizzo and Captain Mark Waltz.  Waltz has refused to disclose if Angela Twitchell and the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust is a personal client of his as ATTORNEY Mark Waltz.  Has Brunswick Police Chief Rizzo been allowing Captain Mark Waltz to run a private attorney practice out of the Brunswick Police Department?  Rizzo and Waltz have withheld ALL information from the Brunswick Police Patrol, Supervisory and Dispatch staff and have NOT permitted them to investigate Angela Twitchell and 2 local realtors and a female attorney who may be in on trying to coerce the female property owner or to financially exploit her. Rizzo has been accused of falsifying police reports and the Brunswick Town Council has reportedly received written letters of complaint which they have NOT publicly disclosed.  This is a major public corruption case right now involving a Police Chief and Police Captain and a Town Manager and the entire Town Council.  
Ayer to pay $3.4 million for unjust conviction - Boston Globe
Before Police Chief Rizzo arrived in Ayer, Massachusetts, it was already famous for its corruption and fraud.  
Ayer Massachusetts was the setting for the false investigation and conviction of an innocent man who spent 18 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. And the District Attorney who could have vacated his sentence years before his innocence was  proven: none other than Massachusetts Attorney General Marth Coakley.  

Justice for Kelly Proctor and Justice for All Women in Brunswick.  
Investigate Brunswick Police Chief Richard Rizzo and Police Captain Mark Waltz and Town Manager John Eldridge and Brunswick Town Council."  
And General Comment #2 in response:"I first saw your comments in The Forecaster in December 2014, and noticed they began deleting them. However, I copied the remaining comments as I searched other articles, and subsequently began a blog; please check it out:
Therefore, this response is not actually a rebuttal, but a way to offer support as I'm familiar with some of the issues you've mentioned; however, other information you've given is new.
I understand your frustration with a corrupt system which includes a police department headed by Chief Rizzo. Your comments about them selectively choosing when or if they will enforce town ordinances and state laws is true; along with whom they align with as also evidenced by a history and pattern of behaviors. Former town managers used the police force as their own henchmen. They are bullies and mess with people's lives without any sense of empathy or remorse.
I've heard from several people. Some examples are: One case concerned a group of teens. One of the prominent families of Brunswick's son purposefully hit another teen with his car; several witnesses reported this to the police. However, the report came out differently, and it ended up being the other teen's fault - the one hit by the car! Even a high school resource officer was seen by several stopping a teen with a coffee mug, pulling out a baggie of what appeared to be marijuana from the kid's cup, and kept it - never took the boy to the office, nothing.
Portland Press Herald 
This police department has operated with impunity; Stephanie Anderson, Cumberland County DA is well-aware of police falsifications of reports, and the Attorney General's Office is, too. There has been a paper trail left behind for documentation; the letters, evidence, and complaints by several people are there, but the public will not be given access. This is how they roll. According to what you've written they're now following CIA rules (if you want to cover-up, write nothing down). Sounds like they won't even talk with you. Big flags; it means they have something to hide.
Michael Madigan, ADA, also hides police corruption; and destroys evidence. He is aware of unethical and unlawful police actions, but does nothing. Wonder how many others have been affected by this group, how many fines are paid, and people going to jail. The public at large is too easily victimized by their own - people whose jobs are paid for by the taxpayers. When police want a "meat" ticket, they can get their money and quotas very easily.
It's also easy for them to hide hate crimes; they simply don't report them, and report everyone as "non-Hispanic" on their forms. One citizen was taking pictures of town employees on her property; and one of the town employee sneered as he said, "Snap away, chink, etc." It was reported, Rizzo did nothing. Chief Rizzo did nothing when repeated criminal trespass occurred to another, and the perpetrator doing it told the property owner to "Go back to your own fucking country." It was witnessed, and reported; Chief Rizzo did nothing. But the reports are in the files.
A woman, Andrea Murillo, was sitting in her parked car with her disabled son; they were simply having a snack. Officer Potter came up to them yelling for them to get out of their car as he pointed his weapon at them. Ms. Murillo was a former police officer, she screamed loudly don't shoot me as she had her hands up. Sound familiar? Potter was described as being very nervous and concerned about her screaming don't shoot me. Potter falsified reports, too. 
Brunswick Police Department is corrupt and operates under the color of law, and they get away with it. As mentioned, I'm familiar with some of the issues and it's fact several of the law enforcement officers there, including Chief Rizzo have filed false reports, and they refused to enforce a Superior Court Order as well as District Court protection orders on numerous occasions. On or about August 30, 2007 after trespassing (they removed no trespassing signs in the driveway) LEOs Mark Waltz, and Kevin Schofield entered a private residence beyond doors with locks and deadbolts to threaten the resident/citizens therein.

Fact is, we can find several stories from many people. They talk, but these don't make the papers which only seem interested in siding with corrupt LEO.
I understand where you're coming from. A lawyer has said as long as the LEO don't brutally beat you or rape you, they'll pretty much get away with anything. Seems very true, and they know it."
When the major changes begin occurring in the U.S. don't count on any police officers who don't follow the laws, hide from their responsibilities, are known to have a history of corruption, falsify reports, and exhibit other unethical behaviors. 
Because they remain in law enforcement positions doesn't mean they'll change their behaviors to suddenly become "good cops" when most relied upon to maintain an orderly community - while wearing their military gear. It won't happen. It's fact, not all police officers are this way. But trust your gut and keep in mind most Town of Brunswick police officers follow the thin blue line, and Chief Richard Rizzo is no leader.    "Bully cops cost everybody"(You Tube - Razor Briarz Channel)

Friday, August 7, 2015

Warnings of Severe Space Weather As Nibiru Advances

"Try changing the solenoids." Tom Cruise, War of the Worlds 2005

Recently, the UK government issued warning of impending and progressing severe space weather (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills). The UK is identifying future priorities and attempting to adequately prepare for the risks and possible consequences of severe space weather (which includes EMP, electro-magnetic pulse). Plans include having back-up systems ready where possible, and governmental agencies prepared to counter devastating effects upon the technologies and infrastructure modern day lives depend upon.

The UK's warning is essentially applicable to everyone because space weather impacts all life on planet Earth.

Space weather occurs as the result of the Sun's activities and includes:

Solar flares, solar energetic particles, and coronal mass ejections (CMEs).

Published on July 28, 2015, Version 2.1 "Space Weather Preparedness Strategy" (pdf here); page 7/40:

"i. Solar flares produce intense Ultraviolet and X-Rays that reach the UK within minutes; these cause disruptions to High Frequency (HF) communications, particularly affecting trans-oceanic aviation routes during daytime hours.

ii. Solar energetic particles reach the Earth in less than an hour. These lead to radiation storms that cause: increased exposure to radiation for passengers and aircrew in flight, particularly at high altitude on polar routes faults in electronic systems at aviation altitudes; systems faults and damage to satellites and disruption to HF communications at high latitudes, particularly affecting trans-polar aviation routes.

iii. Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) are explosive eruptions on the sun, which cause large parts of the corona (the Sun’s atmosphere) to blast away. This solar phenomenon is the most concerning element of severe space weather as it has the potential to cause the most severe impacts. CMEs travel much more slowly than radiation from solar flares and solar energetic particles, arriving at Earth between one and four days after being ejected by the sun. Generally, the faster they travel, the greater the magnitude of any impacts. CMEs can cause power outages; disruption of satellite operations and telecommunications services including Global Navigation Satellite Systems." (Ibid)

Severe space weather impacts:  The UK publication lists thirteen areas of infrastructure impact (the U.S. identifies eighteen, with an additional seventeen areas of infrastructure dependent upon electricity):  communications, emergency services, energy, financial services, food, government, health, transport, water, civil nuclear, defense, space, chemicals. And the publication further makes clear the concerns of high risk for significant loss of lives and casualties, and vulnerabilities impacting "national security, national defence, and functioning of the state". (Ibid).

"There is no clear pattern on when these eruptions happen." (Ibid)

However, like the UK publication, NASA, also would prefer us to believe severe space weather is solely attributed to the Solar Maximum or Solar Max. Nibiru's arrival isn't mentioned, yet NASA is aware of both Planet X/Nibiru's approach and effects on Earth as well as other planets in our solar system (NASA knows about Nibiru).

NASA's theory is the Sun repeats cyclical, predictable periods of waning activity climaxing into increased activity before weakening again. During a solar maximum of increased sun activity large numbers of sunspots are observed, and the sun's irradiance output grows by about 0.07% (Wikipedia).

Solar maximums cycle on average 11 years, but may vary from 9 to 14 years, between weakest to strongest levels of Sun activity. NASA stated there was a solar maximum in 2000 and declared the subsequent solar maximum had occurred again in 2014. 

NASA source linked here .

Some at Wikipedia appear inclined to believe the solar maximum theory "too technical" for some, and thus beyond general comprehension as evidenced by Wikipedia's disclaimer to their posting:

"Main article: Solar cycle
 ...This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page...The lead section of this article may need to be rewritten. (February 2012)...This article may be too technical for most readers to understand. (February 2012)...This article provides insufficient context for those unfamiliar with the subject. (February 2012)"

Obama, When will you tell the people about Nibiru?
You have the chance to save many lives;
why do you withhold truth?

One observation about some lawyers is their attention to "wordsmithing" (a term used by one attorney regarding his actions and attention to words and verbal statements). Lawyers usually pick their words carefully; "will" is not the same as "may"; therefore, it's reasonable to say Napolitano's use of "cyber event" isn't necessarily the same as those saying "cyber attack". In other words, cyber event and cyber attack are not necessarily synonymous; same results, but different means.

Seems Napolitano wasn't referring to incidents such as the recent cyber attacks for which the Russians may or may not be responsible for either. And it's difficult now to believe most of the news emanating from MSM given the fact only 6 corporations are controlling all MSM, coupled with MSM's seemingly lack of association with the truth. (Russia eyed in Joint Chiefs email intrusion)

None of the reported cyber attacks or events thus far have yet to "serious(ly) effect...our lives, our economy and the everyday functioning of our society..." on the scale Napolitano seems to refer to.


Like Napolitano or not, she gave the public warning approximately 2 years ago, while Obama waits. In the interim, MSM still does a bang-up job making sure the majority of the public pays no heed because distractions are provided aplenty - we are continually bombarded with MSM distractions and disinformation.

"The normalcy bias, or normality bias, is a mental state people enter when facing a disaster. It causes people to underestimate both the possibility of a disaster and its possible effects. This may result in situations where people fail to adequately prepare for a disaster, and on a larger scale, the failure of governments to include the populace in its disaster preparations." (Wikipedia)

Nibiru/Planet X - Watch for the two suns

Recently, as JADE HELM 15 exercises began, the U.S. has been experiencing random, wide-spread cell phone and internet outages (some reports are fiber-optic lines have been vandalized). However, there is a possibility some of these wide-spread outages are due to space weather impacting our satellites.

Yet, MSM remained silent on the aforementioned outages, and also doesn't regularly monitor and report space weather (expected to become severe), ground radiation levels, etc. to the public. It's business as usual. 

Still, the self-initiated can seek out sources and information on the Web - but only for as long as the communications systems remain intact.

Knowledge is power. Let's empower ourselves.

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ISIS/CIA Backed To Attack the Southwest U.S.A. - False Flag Chatter

"...working in U.S. Military Intelligence the Fall of 1967, in the Republic of Vietnam, we had 'background chatter' about a pending massive enemy attack to take place during the 1968 Chinese Lunar New Year celebration called 'Tet'. I learned the hard way to pay attention to background chatter."    John Moore (Nibiru's Connection with JADE HELM 15 )

If you had a chance to stop a false flag operation - would you? It seems more probable than not we'll have one, again, on U.S. soil. And it will occur in the Southwest - the same States already mapped out for Operation JADE HELM 15. Reviewing the Dave Hodges article to follow in a link below, this likely false flag appears to have the potential of being both enormous and brutal.

False Flags attacks have been used throughout history ("10 False Flag Operations That Shaped Our World"). The patterns are the same; and some current patterns now in place include:

  • the Obama Administration allowed porous borders for years, and limited U.S. Border Patrol agents by denying weapons for their own protection, ignoring reports of illegal crossings, not allowing full patrol of all U.S. lands (see "U.S. Border Remains Unsecured and linked You Tube video by NAFBPO here)
  • illegal crossings allowed an influx of ISIS terrorists, and other "high value" Russian and Chinese individuals into the U.S.
  • Russian Spetsnatz are currently observed in the U.S. (Minnesota, Colorado, Missouri...)
  • Judicial Watch has reported ISIS camps within eight miles of the U.S. near El Paso, Texas ("ISIS Camp a Few Miles From Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm" article)
  • the Fast and Furious Program provided weapons into Mexico; used against U.S. Border Patrol agents
  • the CIA created, and backs ISIS (You Tube video, Ben Swann's "Truth In Media: Origin of ISIS")
  • the U.S. military are practicing humanitarian aid in case of natural disaster, refugee assistance exercises 

"I made the point in 2005, and still believe, that the reason for Martial Law must be a pretext and have no connection to Planet X. The reason being people will 'go along' with Martial Law due to race riots and/or an economic collapse and/or Islamic terrorist attacks as being reasonable and prudent. Telling people to do anything once they find out about the threat of Planet X simply will not work. 

The three most likely scenarios for this pretext (as of May 2015) are a race war and/or an economic collapse, followed by Islamic Terrorist (i.e. ISIS) attacks. I would be remiss to not mention the clear and present danger posed by Russian and Chinese troops on U.S. soil and in nearby Mexican staging areas."  John Moore

Dave Hodges connects the dots: "A Massive ISIS/CIA Backed Paramilitary Invasion of the American Southwest is Ready to Commence (article):

When looking at the map from leaked JADE HELM 15 documents, the particular area labeled "Insurgent Pocket" in southern California becomes a little clearer in meaning after reading Dave Hodges' article (linked above).

The majority of Americans should already be aware of reported gang activities in the U.S.; and the gang name MS-13, and Mexican drug cartels Los Zetas and Sinaloas also should sound familiar to most.

Barrio 18 has received less mainstream media (MSM) reporting, however, it's been in existence since around the 1960s and reported at around 35,000 members throughout Central America, Canada, and the U.S. Likewise, MS-13 members are operating throughout the U.S., too; some Brunswick citizens may be surprised it includes their town. No place has been out of reach. MS-13 has the dubious distinction of being the hit-men and child sex-traffickers for the drug cartels. If you haven't reviewed the NAFBPO You Tube video, it's highly informative; linked in the article. (Please note it's very disturbing and graphic; here).

"...when one speaks of MS-13, one is speaking about a terrorist network that is connected to forces which spans the entire globe and includes the international terrorist network which is funded and run by the CIA. It is...a well established historical fact that CIA created al-Qaeda following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. MS-13 was a part of the CIA backed Air-America drug business designed to raise money for covert CIA operations in places like Iran and Nicaragua." (Dave Hodge's article linked above).

Condensed in a most simplistic view, these above groups are now cohesive and include ISIS/CIA backed individuals, Hamas, Hezbollah, San Salvadorian and U.S.-trained Peruvian Army elements.

What had been previously reported as a single ISIS entity has now blossomed into an enormous, capable, brutal, and highly destructive force - aided, encouraged, trained, and financially supported by our own governmental agencies.
How can we stop this false flag operation?

Remember: "The purpose is to deceive the public for their support towards an agenda." Therefore, if we cannot be deceived, they lose the public support and their agenda fails. Make sure others receive and understand this information, too; make it viral.

Please wake up!

Dave Hodges has been able to connect the dots. An impending false flag has been expected by many, but exactly how that was to come about remained elusive. Until now. Hodges' article is lengthy, but it's imperative to understand the information given and the implications.

"There is no question that this article is not for the 'easily entertained' crowd. When one examines the totality of facts and interconnections among these terrorist groups, with the CIA at the hub, there can be little doubt that the coup beta testing and the paramilitary training of terrorist groups and the beta tests being conducted against US government entities, is going to be fully turned lose on American soil."

Friday, July 31, 2015

Blood Red Skies, JADE HELM 15, And Other Signs

"From where we stand the rain seems random. If we could stand somewhere else, we would see the order in it." Tony Hillerman, Coyote Waits

First of all, housekeeping news. When signing in, Google Blogger notified me that European Zone laws required a notice attached to the blog site about any cookies. An internet cookie is:

"...the term given to describe a type of message that is given to a Web browser by a Web server.  The main purpose of a cookie is to identify users and possibly prepare customized Web pages or to save site login information for you." (webopedia).

In short, these cookies are from web server Google. As a blogger, I see generalized information provided by Google in the Overview category, which shows the country of access, numbers visiting the blog site and which browser and system were used (i.e. Google, Bing, Firefox, etc. and system such as Windows, Android,I Pad, etc.). Google doesn't provide me with any information about individual users nor e-mail addresses for those signing up as e-mail followers; that's basically information they gather and cache whenever someone visits this blog, or any other blog site using Google's Blogger.

As previously mentioned (Disappearing Obama & the Ads) I've not signed up for AdSense nor any other advertisements in order to get money. Therefore, no advertisements should be showing up in my blog postings. If advertisements creep in it's because someone else, likely Google, put them in without consent. Supposedly, Google has added cookie notification for the European zones; however, I'm not seeing it when accessing the blog site and template through my sign-in.

Pre-Crime - We Know You
That said, when looking at the definition as above "...The main purpose of a cookie is to identify users and possibly prepare customized Web pages or to save site login information for you..." the key words are "main purpose", "identify users", "and possibly" individualize the web pages for a user and save site login. In other words, Google is tracking users; their actual use of information and purpose for acquiring the data is anyone's guess.

Keeping in mind what we've learned from Edward Snowden and other NSA whistleblowers, it'd be naive to believe much of the large internet data collection isn't cached, sold, or used in some manner. Similarly, Facebook operates by using cookies, and tracking users, sites visited, shared, etc. (see security watch.pcmag article, and  Ars Technica article for a couple of examples. Also see Police make fake Facebook Profiles to arrest people - Business Insider).

There's a sinister side of massive, and/or secretive information gathering and uses; logorithms can be created for predictive models and subsequent actions, whether by humans and/or Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

All that voluminous information gleaned from the internet and other methods, including voice recognition, and biometric data dovetails into efforts to manipulate and control people, which also involves the U.S.A.'s military Operation JADE HELM 15:


'JADE' is an A.I. quantum computing technology that produces holographic battlefield simulations and has the ability to use vast amounts of data being collected on the human domain to generate human terrain systems in geographic population centric locations to identify and eliminate targets, insurgents, rebels or whatever labels that can be flagged as targets in a Global Information Grid for Network Centric Warfare environments.

The JADE II battle field system is cognitive and intuitive. It can examine prior executed battle plans and and devise ‘new and better’ strategies to increase the ‘kill chain’. The II generation of JADE has the capability for two way communication with drones through the OCCOM technology which is one of the next generation integrations to this system." (investment watch blog)

"Do You Want To Play A Game?"

(From YouTube: "The 'JADE' in JADE HELM 15 is an A.I. Software Program")

Remember the connection between JADE HELM 15 and Planet X/Nibiru (John Moore):

We're seeing increasing earth changes associated with Nibiru's approach closer to Earth. Recent earthquake warnings for the Pacific Northwest's Cascadian subduction plate and California's San Andreas Fault have received some attention by mainstream media (MSM).

On the heels of the aforementioned warnings, most of MSM reported the 6.9 earthquake in Alaska's Aleutian Islands this past Sunday. Usually an earthquake of such magnitude provides an indication of other large earthquakes to follow. YouTube's Dutchsinse provides technical and predictive information on earthquakes and volcanic activities around the globe (Dutchsinse Channel here). In regards to earthquakes, it behooves us to understand the bigger picture - earthquakes can and will occur in areas other than those in MSM's current focus as evidenced by the following:

Another issue not on MSM's radar are the number of nuclear power plants operating in the U.S.A. and the potential for even greater devastating events when these massive earthquake events occur. It seems logical that as Nibiru approaches we should see more nuclear power plants shutting down. We'll also hear of more elite leaving or "moving" (keep in mind Queen Elizabeth's palace renovations to take place, and the Vatican moving it's library - New York Times article).

Do you have plans in place in case of a natural disaster? The trucking and usual transportation modes will come to a halt. Don't be caught blind-sided.

Other signs: MSM's focus yesterday was to report hundreds of thousands of sockeye salmon deaths in the Columbia River of the Pacific North West's states of Washington and Oregon. A witness reported numbers of salmon with lesions, and increasing sturgeon deaths - the bottom feeders. The Pacific West has lost massive numbers of other marine animals - numerous fish, crabs, oysters, krill, whales, dolphins, sea lions, birds, etc. Yet, these massive animal die-offs are also occurring around the globe, and MSM isn't giving citizens the reports.

It's important to realize that human beings are on the "food chain" as well; albeit on top. Being omnivores, we're depending on bees to pollinate our crops, but they're also dying off in massive numbers. Extreme, unimaginable food shortages are predicted in our future.

Other places around the world are witness to massive animal deaths in this month of July (Mass Animal Deaths 2015 - Updated List of Worldwide Die Offs):

Harmful Algal Blooms are increasing globally as well as volcanic activity (USGS - elevated volcanic activity levels). There's a warming of the ocean in the Pacific called "The Blob" increasing in size, too. Instead of connecting all events (sinkholes, earth sounds, changes in magnetosphere, too) scientists continue to report more studies are needed (Harmful Algal Blooms) and human activities are solely to blame.

The government ceased providing information to scientists about earth changes it had previously provided claiming it was a national security concern.

Not buying it. The games are still being played out. Even the Iran Nuclear deal is a ruse; it now gives Israel an excuse to bomb the hell out of Iran because it feels endangered (Carter tries to reassure Israel on Iran nuclear deal).

So, this is where Operation JADE HELM 15 plays a part; logically, how would the U.S.A. government begin to control a population of approximately 319 million once the devastation occurs and food, medication, water, etc. is not at hand?

If the government cannot even manage the consequences of a natural disaster and needs of the people after Hurricane Katrina (police officers murdered people in New Orleans, and some of the U.S. military violated citizen's 2nd Amendment right to bear arms) it will be completely defeated and defunct when the projected mass rioting and mayhem occurs across the nation.

The logistics are now in place with the military equipment, troops, including U.N. troops. One obvious question is - why would U.N. troops want to be in a foreign land when their own homelands will be suffering, too; and their families in need of aid and protection? Apparently, like the majority of Americans, it seems these U.N. troops also have no idea about Nibiru's approach and what will occur.

MSM, however, still does its best to keep us distracted. Lately, besides Caitlyn Jenner, distractions include Donald Trump, aka "The Donald".

Considering Nibiru's likely timeline of approach, I wonder how citizens will react when they hear the 2016 Presidential vote has been postponed because of an impending natural disaster ("...A massive and serious cyber-attack on the U.S. homeland is coming, and a natural disaster — the likes of which the nation has never seen — is also likely on its way." Former DHS secretary Janet Napolitano)... and Obama remains in office in the meantime.

NASA is definitely aware of Nibiru's approach. As evidenced by the following YouTube video clip by BPEarthwatch, NASA documents show the purposeful searching and tracking of Planet X/Nibiru along with the money spent to support the programs. They've known for a long time now; the people have been duped.

Planet X/NASA files/They Know It's Coming

More blood red skies to come (Under the blood red skies of Planet X).

"Under a blood red sky. A crowd has gathered black and white. Arms entwined the chosen few. The newspaper says it's true...We can be one..."