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Nibiru Announcement to Come Soon for U.S.A.?

Previously blackened out in Google Sky

“You get hit the hardest when trying to run or hide from a problem. Like the defense on a football field, putting all focus on evading only one defender is asking to be blindsided.”        Criss Jami

Whenever information is redacted or withheld it seems reasonable most people will wonder ...what are they trying to hide? Such is the case with Google Sky. For several years searching for particular coordinates related to Nibiru/Planet X, as seen in the image above, in Google Sky have resulted in a black rectangle obliterating images we were not allowed to discover...until recently.

Image now seen in Google Sky
Is this Nibiru? Could be; thing is Google isn't currently providing any explanations and information, nor is NASA or any other U.S. governmental agency including the Obama White House. Therefore, it does bring forth many questions.

Strangely, this particular image looks a lot like the other images seen of the winged "planet", winged "globe" and depictions by various cultures from the past. (Nibiru - Is this the natural disaster Janet Napolitano is warning us about?)

So, why are we now allowed to see the images?

Some inane explanations are, without doubt, provided by astroturfers and include saying the black rectangles are simply due to Google Sky (or rather NASA) not having yet researched those areas...or the imaging apparatus broke down for those specific areas and times.

If we review NASA's own explanations (including video presentations on NASA's website) regarding the process of how their orbiting satellites methodically obtain images, then the explanations aren't even plausible. As a matter of fact, they're ridiculous - especially when the image was already reported and shown on YouTube video, which same video was subsequently removed, followed by Google Sky blocking the image with a large black rectangle.

Now you see it, now you don't - and now you're allowed to see it again.

Similarly, many have noticed Google Earth hides terrestrial images, too, usually by blurring them out. Other nations' governments, via their own satellites, can view any image on Earth. So it's just us average Joes who are kept out of the loop.

Given the above, keep in mind Google, Apple, IBM, Amazon, and Facebook executives regularly meet with Obama and Obama's White House Administration. And all of these businesses engage in mass data collection. So it behooves us average Joes to understand corporatists and White House connections, and consider where all our personal information goes - and why.

[Also, take a look at connections in "Mapping relationships and measuring influence", and an additional article "Stratfor: Inside the World of a Private CIA"  for further discernment.]

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That said, here's the link for Google Sky. Fun to play around with, but it's my understanding the search mode had been disabled, and the images and galleries for Google Sky, provided by NASA, are not in real time. Therefore, we receive the "old" information, no information, disinformation, and level one technology in an effort for the corporatists and bankers to stay steps ahead of us. So, keep digging outside of mainstream media (MSM), and outside of their control if you want to avoid immersion in the propaganda - and to learn.

NASA providing Emergency Preparedness Warnings to its NASA family:

Seems like a no-brainer for people to prepare for storms and natural disasters typical for their regions. We don't need warnings nor reminders for emergency preparations because it becomes a part of life to consider and prepare for potential natural weather occurrences -  be it snowstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, heat waves, etc. depending on where we live.

However, NASA, which has been part of the Continuity of Government exercises since the aftermath of 9/11, provided agency-wide warnings since 2011, and advice for its employees to prepare for natural disasters such as flooding or earthquakes, as evidenced by the YouTube video below:

Noticeably is the fact the head of NASA is specifically warning its NASA family living on the West Coast, East Coast, the Gulf of Mexico, and around the Great Lakes areas.

Since 9/11, aka "9/11 was an inside job", the White House in conjunction with FEMA has also prepared for "an unprecedented catastrophic event".

"The Whole Community: Planning for the Unthinkable
Designed to help identify innovative, atypical solutions to an unprecedented catastrophic event - Maximum of Maximums - following the disaster." (Emergency Planning Exercises

Also following 9/11, September has become the National Preparedness Month for which the President issues yearly Presidential Proclamations.

For September 2014:

"Emergencies -- from hurricanes and wildfires to cyber and terrorist attacks -- can strike anywhere at any time. Americans should be familiar with local threats and hazards and take steps to reduce their devastating impacts. Families should assemble a disaster supplies kit well in advance and have a plan to reconnect after a tragedy."

The emergency preparedness warnings are different now; they're not simply "local threats" of the kind we're accustomed to...We are being warned to expect more frequent, more severe and devastating natural disasters. This isn't climate change; these are natural magnetic forces as Earth (and the Moon) are being increasingly affected by Nibiru. (What the government isn't telling you. John Moore). 

Be observant. Most of us have been on this Earth long enough to know what's typical and what's not. Here's a link to a site which will also link you to information about volcano and earthquake reports, etc. from many different sources. You'll not find the information readily available in MSM. (Move the mouse arrow/hand on the bar where you'll see "Home", Magnetosphere", "Spaceweather", "World Cams", etc. to access the toggle categories of information). Keep in mind the USGS is one site which has been down-grading recorded earthquake levels so as not to concern the public (The Real Signs of the Times).

And the following is a report of unusual earthquake swarms in remote Alabama; there's more like it, but you'll not see MSM reporting. More often the public thinks about the San Andreas fault and California, but the New Madrid fault should also be on the radar; it's the reason NASA is warning its NASA family about the Great Lakes area. (Swarm of earthquakes rattles rural Alabama - reason unclear).

Be less concerned about Human Flesh-Craving Squirrels Are Attacking MTA Workers and Caitlyn Jenner...Learn what you can, do what you can do...but don't become blindsided.

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