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ISIS/CIA Backed To Attack the Southwest U.S.A. - False Flag Chatter

"...working in U.S. Military Intelligence the Fall of 1967, in the Republic of Vietnam, we had 'background chatter' about a pending massive enemy attack to take place during the 1968 Chinese Lunar New Year celebration called 'Tet'. I learned the hard way to pay attention to background chatter."    John Moore (Nibiru's Connection with JADE HELM 15 )

If you had a chance to stop a false flag operation - would you? It seems more probable than not we'll have one, again, on U.S. soil. And it will occur in the Southwest - the same States already mapped out for Operation JADE HELM 15. Reviewing the Dave Hodges article to follow in a link below, this likely false flag appears to have the potential of being both enormous and brutal.

False Flags attacks have been used throughout history ("10 False Flag Operations That Shaped Our World"). The patterns are the same; and some current patterns now in place include:

  • the Obama Administration allowed porous borders for years, and limited U.S. Border Patrol agents by denying weapons for their own protection, ignoring reports of illegal crossings, not allowing full patrol of all U.S. lands (see "U.S. Border Remains Unsecured and linked You Tube video by NAFBPO here)
  • illegal crossings allowed an influx of ISIS terrorists, and other "high value" Russian and Chinese individuals into the U.S.
  • Russian Spetsnatz are currently observed in the U.S. (Minnesota, Colorado, Missouri...)
  • Judicial Watch has reported ISIS camps within eight miles of the U.S. near El Paso, Texas ("ISIS Camp a Few Miles From Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm" article)
  • the Fast and Furious Program provided weapons into Mexico; used against U.S. Border Patrol agents
  • the CIA created, and backs ISIS (You Tube video, Ben Swann's "Truth In Media: Origin of ISIS")
  • the U.S. military are practicing humanitarian aid in case of natural disaster, refugee assistance exercises 

"I made the point in 2005, and still believe, that the reason for Martial Law must be a pretext and have no connection to Planet X. The reason being people will 'go along' with Martial Law due to race riots and/or an economic collapse and/or Islamic terrorist attacks as being reasonable and prudent. Telling people to do anything once they find out about the threat of Planet X simply will not work. 

The three most likely scenarios for this pretext (as of May 2015) are a race war and/or an economic collapse, followed by Islamic Terrorist (i.e. ISIS) attacks. I would be remiss to not mention the clear and present danger posed by Russian and Chinese troops on U.S. soil and in nearby Mexican staging areas."  John Moore

Dave Hodges connects the dots: "A Massive ISIS/CIA Backed Paramilitary Invasion of the American Southwest is Ready to Commence (article):

When looking at the map from leaked JADE HELM 15 documents, the particular area labeled "Insurgent Pocket" in southern California becomes a little clearer in meaning after reading Dave Hodges' article (linked above).

The majority of Americans should already be aware of reported gang activities in the U.S.; and the gang name MS-13, and Mexican drug cartels Los Zetas and Sinaloas also should sound familiar to most.

Barrio 18 has received less mainstream media (MSM) reporting, however, it's been in existence since around the 1960s and reported at around 35,000 members throughout Central America, Canada, and the U.S. Likewise, MS-13 members are operating throughout the U.S., too; some Brunswick citizens may be surprised it includes their town. No place has been out of reach. MS-13 has the dubious distinction of being the hit-men and child sex-traffickers for the drug cartels. If you haven't reviewed the NAFBPO You Tube video, it's highly informative; linked in the article. (Please note it's very disturbing and graphic; here).

"...when one speaks of MS-13, one is speaking about a terrorist network that is connected to forces which spans the entire globe and includes the international terrorist network which is funded and run by the CIA. It is...a well established historical fact that CIA created al-Qaeda following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. MS-13 was a part of the CIA backed Air-America drug business designed to raise money for covert CIA operations in places like Iran and Nicaragua." (Dave Hodge's article linked above).

Condensed in a most simplistic view, these above groups are now cohesive and include ISIS/CIA backed individuals, Hamas, Hezbollah, San Salvadorian and U.S.-trained Peruvian Army elements.

What had been previously reported as a single ISIS entity has now blossomed into an enormous, capable, brutal, and highly destructive force - aided, encouraged, trained, and financially supported by our own governmental agencies.
How can we stop this false flag operation?

Remember: "The purpose is to deceive the public for their support towards an agenda." Therefore, if we cannot be deceived, they lose the public support and their agenda fails. Make sure others receive and understand this information, too; make it viral.

Please wake up!

Dave Hodges has been able to connect the dots. An impending false flag has been expected by many, but exactly how that was to come about remained elusive. Until now. Hodges' article is lengthy, but it's imperative to understand the information given and the implications.

"There is no question that this article is not for the 'easily entertained' crowd. When one examines the totality of facts and interconnections among these terrorist groups, with the CIA at the hub, there can be little doubt that the coup beta testing and the paramilitary training of terrorist groups and the beta tests being conducted against US government entities, is going to be fully turned lose on American soil."

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