Friday, April 17, 2015

U.S. Borders Remain Unsecured While American Citizens' Rights Are Violated

This sign or anything similar to it warning U.S. citizens about travel cautions in their own country shouldn't have to be posted. But this sign is posted in the U.S. because the federal government has done little to nothing to secure our borders, but instead focuses on U.S. citizens as terrorist threats.

A commenter to one of the Bangor Daily News articles, concerning an outbreak of Hepatitis A last fall in Maine, made an interesting statement about illegal immigrants. There were subsequent angry reactions by some who, without doubt, were not even compelled to research the person's position. But their angry disbelief was the reason for doing some research on the U.S. border issues and this posting herein. Some may think the state of Maine is far removed from any border issues and consequences of it being unsecured, but with this posting, perhaps they'll think on the subject.

I hesitated to link the YouTube video in the post because it's extremely disturbing and graphic. However, I agree with the source, National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, NAFBPO (see and its spokesman, Zack Taylor; the briefing needs to be given in full disclosure, because some are not understanding the magnitude of the situation and the dangers to U.S. citizens because of our unsecured borders.

First though, here's an excerpt from the NAFBPO site:

"...Now, though, we are retired. That leaves us free to speak to you of what we know, things we learned in our service - and our collective experience is measure in millennia. We are utterly apolitical; we endorse no candidate and no party, and we affiliate with no one. We are obliged to no one and have no axe to grind other than the national interest as we see it.  Before we do so, let us tell you the credo we have adopted: "If we didn't live it, if we don't know it, if we can't prove it, we won't say it." When we offer an inference or an opinion we'll tell you it is just that, and we will offer what we know that shapes our thought.

Our ranks include officers who spent their careers on the line or on the streets, enduring discomfort and danger as they worked to protect the nation. Others went on to high positions in the Border Patrol or its parent organization, the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Our range of experience is not just long, but tremendously broad as well."

Additionally, there's the following site: M3 Report: News of the So. Hemiphere derived from foreign and domestic sources, and from Western Journalism: Obama Could Be Limping After This Arizona Sheriff Just Blasted Him. And another article from NewsMax dated October 23, 2014, Administration Freed Illegal Immigrants Charged With Violent Crimes.The majority of this news will not be seen in the mainstream media. But that's part of the propaganda - an attempt to keep the majority uninformed, misinformed, and clueless.

One of the reasons to be concerned about the enormity of the upcoming Operation JADE HELM 15 military exercises on U.S. soil, in our towns and cities, and within the civilian populations is because our borders have been unsecured. As evidenced by NAFBPO's video, not only are illegal alien, drug and weapons smuggling (Operation Fast and Furious), human trafficking, and other violent crimes occurring - but there are also numerous illegal border crossings by citizens from China and Russia as well. The exorbitant amounts of money associated with smuggling "high value" aliens (in excess of $100,000 each) reasonably prompts the questions - which remain unanswered: Who is paying for this? And who are they and why are they here? These are not poor nor terrorized people simply looking for a better life in the U.S.A.

Juxtaposed with the issue of knowingly unsecured U.S. borders are the numerous reports and videos showing harassment and violations of U.S. citizens' Constitutional rights. Some of the border patrol posts are on roads up to 100 miles from the U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada. The ACLU has created a map showing the Constitution as suspended for approximately 100 miles along the country's border:

Do you know your rights regarding any of these border zones and border patrol stops? (see The Constitution in the 100-mile Border Zone - ACLU). Regardless, it doesn't appear to matter what your rights are nor that you may be knowledgeable, as evidenced by the following YouTube video (there are several more videos similar to this case). Keep in mind all the agent has to say is "the K-9 gave a positive alert on your car" and they'll search it without warrant (similar to when a Brunswick police officer, or any other officer for that matter, says "I smell marijuana smoke in your vehicle.").

If a false flag event occurs in the U.S., the Constitution will be suspended.

There are a variety of responses as to the limits, or not, of martial law. However, it seems reasonable to believe if a government at any level, including local law enforcement, is continually acting with impunity and violating citizen's rights in the absence of martial law, then it will not hesitate to do so even further in the future if/when martial law becomes enacted.

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