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Police Officer Sexual Predators and Global Political Pedophilia

"Hundreds must have known something."

Former Biddeford police officer, Stephen Dodd, is accused of sexually abusing boys; Dodd was employed by the Biddeford Police Department from 1978 until his retirement in 2003 ("Documents reveal more about accused Biddeford officer's past" - Local News WMTW).

Rick Alexander was one of the sexually abused boys. He and others who speak about their sexual abuse need to be heard. Alexander took power back as a child by saying he was going to tell, but also evident is a lifelong struggle to keep a sense of self worth when perpetrators aren't brought to justice. Even worse, is when perpetrators of sexual abuse are known and protected by others willing to cover up the truth.

By having the courage to publicly speak Alexander empowers others now to know they're not alone. More men with courage like Alexander are coming forward and filing complaint: Larry Ouellette (he had also previously filed a complaint, was interviewed; no charges brought against any officers), Matt Lauzon ("Man recalls abuse by officer", Biddeford Courier), and Bobby Kalex (he had also asked the police for help). According to the following linked video web site, there are 5 men who've come forward at this time ("Biddeford, ME cops handcuffed, raped alleged victims"; Album on Imgur).

Now two Biddeford officers are currently under investigation for alleged sexual assaults ("2nd retired Biddeford police officer accused of sexual abuse"). The victims and residents are requesting Chief of Police Roger P. Beaupre, who was also working in the same capacity when the complaints were brought to him 13 years ago, to be suspended pending investigation.

I believe the men coming forward and what had happened to them. I feel sad they've had these experiences and perpetrators, knowing full well what they were doing, stole away the innocence of children. If we, as a society, are claiming all children to be our future  - to be cherished and protected - then we must also speak up in support, demand changes and accountability of perpetrators of sexual abuse, and provide an environment which allows telling and believing what they are saying to us. 

In the Bangor Daily New's (BDN) web page, "Crimes and Courts" articles are listed in the upper right and it becomes difficult to read some of them. Some commenters have written posts such as: Again! What is going on?... Police Officers, too... We're seeing 2 or 3 of these sexual abuse cases against children nearly every week! Another recent commenter about child sexual abuse said even though it's difficult to know what is happening we shouldn't turn away from the abhorrence, but address the issue in order to stop sexual abuse and sexual assaults.

As evidenced by documentation, police officers as sexual predators ("Who do you report to when your rapist is the police?"), and as pedophile predators isn't unusual as it may seem to some. What's unusual is if police officer sexual predators are even caught, convicted and fully prosecuted (i.e., not offered a sweetheart plea bargaining deal).

There is a Facebook page "Tribute to survivors of child sexual assault by law enforcement officers" (linked here), and posted with a statement:  

"More police officers are convicted of child sex crimes than all other professions combined. It's law enforcement's 'dirty little secret'."

"Pillars of the Community":

Last year, former Maine State Police Chief, Andrew Demers, once awarded "Legendary Trooper" status, reached a plea deal for gross sexual assault and unlawful sexual contact with a person under 12 years of age (see BDN article) - a 4-year old relative.
Regardless of his legendary trooper award, according to a Portland Press Herald article Demers' law enforcement career wasn't without controversy. The sexual molestation of boys in the Cole Farms case being one of the controversies mentioned:

"The next year (1992), the state police came under fire for failing to pursue allegations that the founder of the Cole Farms Restaurant in Gray had molested several boys in the 1970s.

After state police dismissed the allegations, saying they were too old, the accuser turned to the District Attorney’s Office, which then investigated and charged Warren Cole with sexually molesting a young boy in 1986 and 1987. Cole was sent to prison in 1992.

State police were accused of failing to pursue the case because of their close relationship with Cole, who hosted dinners for troopers at his restaurant.

Demers admitted that the department mishandled the allegations but denied that it had anything to do with Cole’s relationship with police. A few months later, the department changed its policy to say officers could no longer accept free meals."

This particular PPH article appears to downplay Warren Cole's predatory sexual abuse of boys, omitting the death of a 12-year old boy, and the extent of Maine's law enforcement relationship with Cole, however, another article given as a link by a BDN commenter to an L.A. Times article is more revealing about Warren Cole: "Model Citizen's Secret: Molesting Crime: When a pillar of the community was found to be abusing young boys, Maine townspeople were shocked and ashamed".

And an excerpt from the Seattle Times Newspaper ("A Town's Dark Secret - Admitted Child Molester Was Pillar of Community"):

"Most were 10 to 15. They said they were molested in his apartment, at his cabin, at another camp he had owned or at a lodge he once had...

(Warren Cole) faces three civil suits filed on behalf of boys who are said to be his victims. One accuses Cole of getting a 12-year-old boy drunk and molesting him before he darted in front of an automobile and was killed in 1981.

Another suit accuses Cole of throwing poker parties, providing beer and showing porn films to law-enforcement officers. The suit says Cole used his close ties with police to intimidate boys to keep quiet - sometimes flashing his honorary sheriff's badge - and that his family knew of his problems and helped cover up his activities."

Many believe Demers received a sweetheart plea deal aided by Cumberland County DA Stephanie Anderson which minimized his criminal actions and accountability, protected him because he was a former Maine State Police Chief, and disregarded the harm done, in general, to the public's trust in law enforcement. There's a deeply held belief by several, and rightly so, that law enforcement officers (LEO) are held to different standards and police officers usually get away with crimes, including brutality and murder. If LEO have perpetrated any crimes, then it's reasonable to question that same officer's involvement and judgment in all his/her other cases of law enforcement. Perhaps this is one of the reasons DA's like Stephanie Anderson look the other way when it comes to police misconduct.

"Thirteen years ago, I told the Attorney General there was a problem. It fell on deaf ears. You knew that you had a pedophile working in Biddeford."  Rick Alexander

According to the WMTW news clip linked above it appears, Brian MacMaster, Chief of Investigations since 1984 is also currently investigating (re-investigating?) the Biddeford Police Department case of sexual abuse. It's been my experience and opinion that documentation and complaints about LEO misconduct in Maine is something Brian MacMaster attempts to hide.

The average citizen will find it difficult to receive any documentation under a Freedom of Information request of LEO and prosecutor misconduct in general, let alone specific departmental police misconduct. Instead of providing documents requested pertaining to Brunswick police misconduct, the Attorney General's Office via Brian MacMaster referred, by letter, to possible destruction of such documents labeling them "sufficiently aged" when a new Attorney General takes office. Seems illogical and indicative of cover-up to write that documents, especially pertaining to police misconduct, in the possession of the previous Attorney General's files are no longer relevant to other governmental official successors nor the public.

Rick Alexander brought the allegations to the Attorney General's Office in 2002 - 2003 and no charges were filed against Police Officer Dodd; it appears there was an attempt to ignore the problem in hopes it would go away. As previously written and evidenced by documentation, Brian MacMaster works on behalf of LEO; there's no protection for the public when no criminal charges are brought forth for some of Maine's LEO who continue to be employed.

New Hampshire, at least, maintains a "Laurie List" of police misconduct, albeit available to defense attorneys and not the public (see Lies, Bigger Lies and Granddaddy Drug Dealers). Maine, on the other hand, seems steadfast in withholding truth about police misconduct, and admits no fault of LEO leaving citizens at risk and unprotected from corrupt, fraudulent, malfeasant, and even brutal cops.

LEO misconduct and ability to still remain employed as dubious law enforcers is ubiquitous (Texas being one such example: Grits for Breakfast). Complaints against cops are usually investigated within the department, thereby offering the first layer of protection. Further, complaints against LEO are considered "personnel issues" and the information is unavailable to the public.

Through tight control, protection of departmental processes, and cohesiveness of the municipality with a governing body even a public survey regarding the Brunswick Police Department's performance becomes meaningless as results and comments are cherry-picked for favorable ones while eliminating other legitimate concerns and complaints. Local mainstream media, via The Times Record, quickly mimicked Chief Richard Rizzo's cherry-picked results. Seems likely this happens in other communities as well as it's part of the propaganda.

Bottom line is all LEO engaging in, committing, and condoning police misconduct and criminal actions should be held accountable and fired - anywhere, everywhere. Police departments too easily become ensconced in the "good 'ol boys' club", and a thin blue line in which some departments also appear to turn a blind eye to known predatory, sexual child abuse within their ranks. Too often the good, hardworking and ethical police officers leave the system because it's corrupt (see Police State: To Serve and Protect) and then all of us lose.

Additional sources about pedophile police officers:

"There's an Epidemic of Police Becoming Pedophiles and Nobody's Talking About It"

"Pedophiles and Child Porn - The Cops, Judges, DAs, FBI Agents, Secret Service Agents, and Other Government Employees Who Can't Keep Their Hands Off Minors

The CATO Institute's National Police Misconduct Reporting Institute 

It's not just some police officers who are predatory sex offenders..."Political Pedophilia":

Embedded below is a video from The Corbett Report; the approximately 68-minute report is both exceedingly disturbing and difficult to comprehend regarding the decades of abuse (in the UK victims are requesting the current investigations go back into the 1950s), lack of accountability and justice, and the scope of predatory sex offenders and global pedophile networks involving prominent politicians, celebrities, corporatists, bankers, billionaires, some in academia, attorneys, royals, etc. which appear to occur in plain view.

In tandem are the obvious and important questions of why do predatory sex offenders continue to get away with numerous crimes, who are they and how do we stop them?

James Corbett does an excellent job of bringing in sources to help us understand the power dynamics and patterns of predatory pedophilia and act towards solutions, instead of leaving us feeling sad and hopeless because of the pervasiveness and global magnitude of predatory sex offenders of children (of all people) which many others are knowingly aware of it, and the lack of law enforcement and justice.

"Hundreds must have known something."

Jimmy Savile was a disc jockey, television and radio personality (BBC's Top of the Pops, and Jim'll Fix It), and charity fundraiser in the UK. The reported numbers of people who'd come forward revealed multiple sex crimes; he'd sexually abused mostly children (girls and boys) from 1955 to 2009. The statistics are staggering: 450 people, 328 of which were children, 34 rapes, 126 indecent acts occurring even inside public institutions (13 hospitals, including a number of psychiatric units, a hospice, schools).

"It's clear that their testimony, when taken together, presents a compelling case of a predatory sex offender across the whole of the UK. It could be said he (Jimmy Savile) groomed a nation. He was hiding in plain sight and yet none of us were able to do anything about him."  Commander Peter Spindler, Metropolitan Police

Political, royalty, and media connections gave Savile cover; he raised enormous amounts of money for charities which he then also used as bargaining power to threaten newspapers and reporters.

Further, 5 VIP Pedophile rings have been uncovered from the 1970s and 1980s involving those in the highest levels of government - members of Parliament, 24 identified politicians, military officers, some connected to the royals, and intelligence agencies. 

Police were ready to prosecute former MP Cyril Smith but were threatened and the case was dropped. Smith died in 2010. Sir Peter Morrison, also alleged to have engaged in predatory pedophilia, has also died without being charged. There are 17 allegations of police cover-ups.

Likewise, Savile had never been charged, therefore never prosecuted. Police in Surry and Sussex were told of 4 sexual assaults by Savile, and nothing was done. It seems those abused were given apologies, and a removal of Jimmy Savile's headstone (he died October 29, 2011) with these words inscribed: "It was good while it lasted.

Two women, 13 and 14 years of age at the time of alleged sexual abuse by Jeffrey Epstein, press to receive documents and to re-open sex abuse case.

Billionaire investment banker, Jeffrey Epstein:

"Nearly a decade ago, a wealthy financial guru came under FBI investigation, suspected of sexually abusing dozens of underage girls at his Palm Beach mansion. Then, abruptly, the investigation was dropped and Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to a single state charge of soliciting prostitution. He served just over a year in jail." ("Accusers of Investor Jeffrey Press to Reopen Sex Abuse Case")

Epstein is accused of being a sexual predator willingly "sharing" underage children for sexual abuse with prominent politicians, businessmen, royals, those working in academia, etc. Multiple mentions are made of visitors flown to his island in the U.S. Virgin Islands (confirmed by flight logs) to attend parties.

Bill Clinton, Epstein's friend, is listed multiple times from 2002 to 2005, and is also connected to Epstein through computer data, e-mails, contracts, etc. including 21 different phone numbers for contact. Prince Andrew, Mick Jagger, Alec Baldwin, John Cleese, David Rockefeller, George Soros and many others are also connected with Epstein as evidenced by the documentation the women's attorneys were able to obtain.

A former "houseman" of Epstein provided a black book he claims contains a list of VIP pedophile friends, some names which he'd circled. (pdf, 92 pages with addresses and telephone numbers redacted, here). The Corbett Report episode above also links the documents including flight records (corbettreport.com, Episode 304, "Political Pedophilia").

Dozens of women have been coming forward, and Epstein has made 17 out-of-court settlements.

"Joris Demmink, Netherlands - former Ministry of Justice, Secretary-General":

"Dutch Injustice: When Child Traffickers Rule a Nation"

Demmink worked in a high-level governmental capacity for 10 years as Secretary-General for the Ministry of Justice. It's obvious Demmink's position of power, which is a noticeable pattern for predatory sexual offenders, is a reason he's not been brought to justice. With Demmink's retirement and ability to remain free from prosecution for sexually abusing boys in the Netherlands it's highly probable he will continue predatory patterns of behavior virtually anywhere he wishes to travel. During the 1990s, Demmink is alleged to have had Mehmet Korkmaz (head of security in Turkey for Demmink) find homeless boys brought to him to rape ("Prosecutors probe 'evidence' Joris Demmink visited Turkey in 1996" ).

"In the Netherlands they want to go on believing their own fairy tale and they don't want to believe that they are ruled by people who do those horrible things to kids, and they are so corrupt. They want to believe in the fairy tale of the Netherlands. So, I think the Dutch people don't want to admit that this is happening in their own country. But not accepting it means they let it go on; that's the problem and that's where we stand for that we say no - we have to bring this out. We don't want that this goes on. This is not the country we want to live in."   Adele van der Plas, attorney


Dr. Tjeerd Andringa, University of Groningen, presents a helpful theory to understand ubiquitous "political pedophilia" we're witnessing. Dr. Andringa defines kakistocracy as "government by the worst and most evil people: a highly capable brand of psychopaths...":

"Psychopathy is only mildly hereditary, so an elite psychopath cannot guarantee that sons or daughters will be just as psychopathic. I expect this entails that they need a steady resupply of ruthless and power hungry individuals who understand the world deeply and pervasively and, as such, are highly capable. Normally deep and pervasive understanding leads to wisdom and a sense of responsibility, humility even. But that is precisely not what that the kakistocracy needs: it needs the same depth and pervasiveness of understanding, but in combination with utter ruthlessness and the capacity to appear respectable.

Enter child abuse. By abusing children you “give” them an attachment disorder by violating or destroying the deep sense of security that is the basis for an open attitude towards learning and discovering. With this trust violated the child’s world changes from a world of opportunities, to a world of potential and actual threats. And often they will search and serve those who can protect them from these threats an in doing so giving their autonomy away for life. And they might even carry it over to their children: stultifying their growth towards autonomy. Aristocrats and priest must have discovered a long time ago that abused children lead to useful adult servants; slaves actually. And while this is despicable to people with a normal moral development, it is a positive thing for psychopaths who see other people as tools anyway.

Yet this does not solve the problem of keeping the kakistocracy supplied with respectable appearing, super high functioning, and completely ruthless psychopaths. Only a small fraction of the population (say 1%) is psychopath and as such has the benefit of an absence of empathy and a conscience: psychopaths are able to exploit others as if they were tools. Yet the vast majority of them are not particularly evil: they can be ruthless, daring, and callous, but they find mostly norm-abiding ways to be psychopathic: they might be mountaineers, military, ER-doctors, car or insurance salesmen, real-estate brokers, or white-collar criminals. But most are definitely not the high functioning individuals that compare with how the power elite sees themselves and would accept as their peers. So how do you recruit suitable psychopaths in your midst if they do not advertise themselves as such.

Enter child abuse again. If you organize events for the ambitious and capable in which they progressively can show that, notwithstanding their veneer of respectability, they are actually completly ruthless, you have the ideal recruiting grounds for the kakistocracy. Of course blackmail plays a role, but the suitable candidates gladly let themselves to become blackmailable because this gives them access to the inner sanctum of the kakistocracy: they proof themselves worthy members and loyal (due to their blackmailability) and in return they will receive access to power in a way they could never dream of on their own. After a while they become fully accepted a level that suits their capabilities and they will help to maintain the system that gave them so much opportunities (and can end their respectability at any point in time).

I think that what I have sketched above is a useful framework to understand the dynamics of elite child abuse networks. It is never an incident, it is “just” the kakistocracy maintaining and reinvigorating itself: business as usual. But the few moments the abuse networks become exposed it provides and ideal opportunity to glimpse the kakistocracy at work (and frantically protecting itself)." (The Corbett Report).
How do we stop it? Dr. Andringa offers suggestions, some of which include:
  • compile more information, names, and networks
  • we need something resembling science to find a rigorous way to understand - through data mining, information graphics, networks of people to find patterns - a clear modus operandi for the kinds of people involved (Dr. Andringa says there could be more theories, besides his kakistocracy theory, to help us understand)
  • we can generate predictions; what kind of climate creates these people?
  • activism should follow, aligned with goals and outcomes but keeping in mind the dangerousness of premature activism
  • many people at the "bottom" are not corrupt; we can enlist their help (victims, religious groups, human rights watch groups, etc.)
  • educate about how to detect a "political parasite"
  • when we know what we're doing then we need to make it personal; ostracize these people, we could eventually have something like a "Political Parasite Purging Program"
  • we can enlist the help of alternative media; mainstream media, the police, etc. ostensibly are used to deal with these issues have covered up; there is no trust with mainstream media and the current judicial system [see Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics (ISGP)].

“The very first part in healing is shattering the silence,”   Erin Merryn

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