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Reality Check With Aaron Russo

"We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans." Bill Clinton, March 11, 1993

"The Constitution is just a goddamn piece of paper." George W. Bush, November 2005 
Independent, and a fearless fighter for truth and freedom are just some words associated with the late Aaron Russo. "America: Freedom to Fascism", a 2006 documentary is a great place to start in understanding Russo's mission; and, in my opinion, the culmination of a life's work in which Russo was willing to be the voice for the everyday people and took risks in revealing truth.

A self-described scrapper, Brooklyn-born and raised Russo says early in his life he stood up to bullies and there was no dare he wouldn't take on. Russo's course in life, which included being a manager for Bette Midler, and later producer and director of movies (The Rose, Trading Places, Wiseguys) placed him into a realm of people like Nick Rockefeller (Nicholas Rockefeller, attorney, member of Council on Foreign Relations, on Advisory Board of RAND, etc.) whom Russo called a friend. But Russo and Rockefeller were polar opposites in their viewpoints of people - Russo believed in independence, humanity, and self-actualization; Rockefeller was for manipulating, controlling, and serfdom of the masses.

In the "Reflections and Warnings" interview prior to Russo's death August 24, 2007, Russo tells how he first woke-up to the realities, namely corruption. Only 24 years old, Russo owned and managed a Chicago nightclub called "The Electric Theater" which he described as a hang-out for hippies.

The Democratic Convention was held in Chicago in 1968, and because certain community members didn't want the hippie protesters around and attending concerts, Russo's nightclub was raided. Russo said the fire department came into the club and dumped cans of garbage as he and others were nabbed by policemen. Getting into the paddy wagon, Russo said a police officer grabbed one of his testicles from behind and squeezed, putting Russo in excruciating pain. And another man getting into the paddy wagon was cracked on the head by police with a billy club, splitting the man's skull for no reason.

Of course the nightclub's raid made the papers, but the story was different. Reporters wrote the reason for the raid was because hippies were frequenting the club and the place was in squalor as evidenced by all the garbage. Russo said, "People lie like that...people actually do these things?...Nobody cared what the truth was and that was shocking to me."

Approximately two weeks later, Russo learned more lessons of the real world when a police captain, and police sergeant paid him a visit; they wanted $2,000 each month for which they'd fake raids to quell some of the complainers in the community, but would leave him alone. Russo paid the $2,000 each month until the police said they could no longer take his money because certain community elders wanted the business shut down. Russo was fighting in court to keep his nightclub, but during the process there was a fire. Russo says they burned down his business; "...that was my education into corruption in government...".

Some of the corruption Russo reveals includes:
  • taxing of income by the IRS is illegal because it's in violation of the Constitution, and lower courts capriciously prosecuting those not filing are defying the Supreme Court decisions (the Constitution defines income as gains or profits by some corporate activity; therefore, labor and wages are not taxable; it appears the IRS is aware because the definition for "income" doesn't appear in the IRS Code. Moreover, within the IRS Code, filing a 1040 for income taxes is considered voluntary, not mandatory, and approximately 67 million are not filing 1040s);
  • Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA (Ms. Magazine was funded by the CIA; Russo wasn't aware of the CIA connection until the interview), and Rockefeller told Russo they started the feminist movement with the goals of getting more women into the work force for tax purposes, and getting children into state programs as early as possible for indoctrination purposes (cradle to grave);
  • 911 and "the war on terror" is fabricated to greatly restrict the U.S. citizens and create a fear of the unknown enemy (terrorists) under the Patriot Act, Department of Homeland Security, etc.; and the U.S. government has more plans to further control money and take freedoms away from the people
A noticeable pattern of words are used against Russo; similar to "Astroturfing the Lexicon" (January 23, 2015) and what Charlotte Iserbyt and Rosa Koire point out, semantic dialectics are in play. Russo's labeled "a conspiracy theorist", "liberalist", "political activist", "tax evader", "charlatan", etc. The pattern this writer observes is those attempting to cover-up the truth, deny the truth, fear the truth, and even outright lie, use words to deflect, and misinform in an attempt to provide disinformation. Labels are used to divide and conquer and seen all too frequently in the socio-political arena, as evidenced by: "You must be a liberal.", "Are you a neo-con?", Democrat, Republican, Green, etc. Human beings, in general, must be way too predictable as a whole; and that's a primary reason it's easy for so very few to control the masses because sheeple fall for the divisions created.

Lest some believe those astroturfing words, Russo wasn't an idiot (which is why he paid $2,000 each month to the police mafia); the other part of reality is knowing who has the power. We're living in a police state; laws don't apply equally, and the judicial system is corrupt in too many cases. Sometimes those illegally charged with evading taxes are fortunate to have a jury which understands the process, and ask for the law (which doesn't exist, as seen in America: Freedom to Fascism); and other times court corruption takes over and people lose assets, and sometimes are jailed. 
Looking at the meaning, mission, and words of Russo juxtaposed with the names, entities and actions by those like Rockefeller, CFR, Club of Rome, et al. through the prism of qui bono (who benefits?), or "follow the money" it becomes easy to see the truth.

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