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Smells Like Agenda 21 in Brunswick

Did you ever read comments following articles and noticed later they disappeared? Not even with a notation of "deleted", or "comment awaiting moderation", simply vanished? It was the disappearing lengthy comments in last month's The Forecaster which piqued my interest. What were "they" trying to hide? And who were they trying to squelch? More importantly is why. Here are some of the comments copied and saved after noticing the deletions were occurring:

Brunswick women need help • 3 hours ago
Perhaps the Portland Police Department will consider offering a self-defense class for women who live in the upscale section of Brunswick so they can protect themself from unknown males who target them when appear to be alone on their private property and try to harass them and frighten them into giving their private property away to a very suspicious "non profit" charity: the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust.
There have been MULTIPLE incidents of harassment, trespassing and aggressive solicitation by well educated males - all who will personally financial benefit - if the women in Pennellville agree to legally
give away their private property or sign a legal document called a "conservation easement". The men identify themself by name and where they live and say they are working closely with a person named Angela Twitchell. She lives in Topsham and is married to a cabinet maker named Scott LIbby. Angela Twitchelli has aggressively solicited "targeted" homeowners because she wants their property and she may have worked with "The Nature Conservancy", a very large national land conservation "non profit". Angela Twitchelll may have also worked previously in Northern Maine and it is unknown if she has "re-sold" private property - acquired by the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust through real estate tarnsfers - to other parties FOR A PROFIT. She has been directly involved in aggressive conduct as a State of Maine "public charity" PUBLICLY FUNDED "non profit" leader.
Everyone who is reading this should know the State of Maine became the 2nd highest ranked state in terms of the total amount of land transferred for "conservation" in the past few years. What exactly is going on? Law enforcement community: heads up, the extreme environmentalists are now here, front and center in Maine...and they are aggressively soliciting the elderly, the disabled, their neighbors, business owners and the general public. Extreme environmentalists are being actively monitored by federal law enforcement for breaking the law, targeting and harassing people FOR YEARS and encouraging "civil disobedience" among their followers (including trespassing on private property). They have contributed to political campaigns (both Republican and Democrat) to avoid being investigated and prosecuted. And they are doing it all in the name of "preserving the environment"
Have you noticed how many more stories are being printed in Maine newspapers about the "good deeds" of these local land trust? They support the environment! They help local farmers! The stock food pantries! They teach children about where food comes from! And while they are doing their PR stories, they are violating all standards of ethical conduct for any non profit in the State of Maine.
The Brunswick Police Department Police Chief Rizzo and Captain Waltz have not acted alone. The former, very long time "Finance Director" John Eldridge is the new Brunswick Town Manager - and he has refused to bring in an independent investigation of Rizzo and Waltz. The Brunswick Town Council is not responding either - they are "REMAINING SILENT". Benet Pols, Chair of the Brunswick Town Council has just announced he is "retiring" after many years on the Council. He is an attorney so has he ever represented the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust or paid for real estate title searches with Mark Waltz' business Casco Bay Title? And Steve Walker, Brunswick Town Council member is a former State of Maine employee - and paid by another land trust located in the same town where Angela Twitchell lives. There is a cover up involving 2 senior commanders of the Brunswick Police Department, the Town Manager and the entire Brunswick Town Council.
Hopefully, folks from federal law enforcement are reading this and taking note:
3 former residents of Pennellville were aggressively harassed and trespassed for 8 (EIGHT!) years
by many of the exact same males (and a few equally aggressive females)
who are still harassing and trespassing women and the eldelry in Pennellville NOW.
The 3 former federal workers lived out of state and inherited property from when they lived in Pennellville while growing up. One of them was harassed and her private property was trespassed upon repeatedly while she was terminally ill and dying. She has since passed away. What kind of people would do this? Despicable, no conscience eco-cons. All for money and greed, while claiming they are saving the environment.
Can you imagine 8 years of this aggressive conduct by extreme environmentalists? Federal law enforcement in Portland: PLEASE HELP.
Please investigate the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust and Brunswick Police Chief Rizzo and Brunswick Police Captain Waltz and members of the Brunswick Town Counci and...their small network of attorneys, real estate appraisal people, real estate title service companies and which banks/financial institutions have been involved. Cumberland County District Attorney Stephanie Anderson REFUSED TO ANSWER PHONE CALLS. No short letter stating "our office cannot help you" (so therefore no evidence they refused!). The State of Maine Office of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife subcontracted with the Brunswick Tospham Land Trust for a federal grant AND KNEW there were very serious complaints against Angela Twitchell and the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust. But the State of Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife stated it was NOT applying for another 2015 federal grant. Someone at the State of Maine electronically submitted the federal grant anyway? Who? Do NOT permit Governor LePage or Commissioner Chandler Woodcock to sign the contract for services for this federal grant and subcontract again with the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust and their "partner" land trusts in the Middle Bay area.

Instead of asking questions, I noticed someone commented by poking fun at this poster. But some of us get it; and for those not up-to-speed there's Agenda 21 for Dummies on YouTube:


Agenda 21 is global in scale, but taking root at local levels; it's a long-term comprehensive plan of action at global, national, state, and local levels with a goal to deprive Americans of independence, privacy, and substantive rights.

Beginning in 1976 with the UN Habitat I, private land ownership was seen as a major obstacle in planning and implementation of development schemes for land deemed in the best interests of society as a whole. In 1992's Rio Declaration Earth Summit, Agenda 21 became U.S. supported when then President George H. W. Bush executed the Agenda 21 protocol; and Bill Clinton followed-up with an Executive Order establishing the Presidential Council for Sustainable Development.

Agenda 21 seeks to put socialist control mechanisms in place, put an end to national sovereignty, abolish private property, restructure family units, and increase limitations and restrictions on mobility and individual opportunities. The "green goal" of not sustainable listings include: fossil fuels, golf courses and ski lodges, consumerism, irrigation, paved roads, commercial agriculture, herbicides, pesticides, farmlands, pastures, grazing livestock, family unit.

It's not just private property, Agenda 21 includes our children's education. UNESCO's 2005-2015 federal education for sustainable development is a national curriculum preparing our children for a "world of work", building consensus, and what some call a "deliberate dumbing down".

ICLEI (International Committee for Local Environmental Initiatives) is helping to implement Agenda 21 in local communities. Rosa Koire, author of Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21 says this is a non-partisan issue, and "...the biggest public relations plan in the history of the world...Who doesn't like the jargon terms: vibrant, walkable, bike-able, progressive?" Koire encourages us to look at our local planning departments. Land use plans, regional plans, re-development projects, Your Town 2035, Vision 2020 - all plans are the same throughout the U.S., but with different names. Koire also warns that the American Planning Association hosted a 12-week long communications program to re-indoctrinate, re-propagandize planners to inoculate elected officials against citizens speaking against the Agenda 21 program.

American taxpayer dollars are used to support Agenda 21, and some is being funneled to concentrate populations along rail tracks (Biodiversity and Wildlands Project map, http://www.permanan.org/agenda-21-wildlands-map/). Some future human populations will be concentrated in resettlement zones, and some "sustainable developers" will be building high-rise "stack-em and pack-em" units. Sounds like 1984. Big Brother's watching you.

Bottom line: Qui bono? Who benefits? Follow the money. 

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  1. Excellent, intelligent, and succinctly accurate. How do we organize, assemble for the people's agenda? As stated- the plan is nation wide. Maine is under siege and difficult to know the scope being so rural and corporate media. Belfast is underway with implementation of ordinances, land use, zoning, etc. with the 10? years in the making Comprehensive Plan. By the time manipulated portions are made public, it is a done deal. Residents are not paying attention regardless of my relentless documentation of corruption at City Council Meetings. They tried to slip through an illegal rezoning of my street to a new zone. Neighbors barely woke up for that. We stopped it, it was close but it still doesn't save us.

    Inverse condemnation is a term used in the law to describe a situation in which the government takes private property but fails to pay the compensation required by the 5th Amendment of Constitution. In some states the term also includes damaging of property as well as taking it. In order to be compensated, the owner must then sue the government. In such cases the owner is the plaintiff and that is why the action is called inverse – the order of parties is reversed, as compared to the usual procedure in direct condemnation where the government is the plaintiff who sues a defendant-owner to take his or her property.
    The taking can be physical (e.g., land seizure, flooding,...
    And if the flooding doesn't kill us soon enough for their ego visions and fire sale taking with ZERO compensation- for a pittance more, surely Belfast City Attorney Kristin Collins, prior attorney with Maine Municipal Alliance and expert at manipulating statutes in favor of towns has a plan B in store for the undesirables... take your pick. Here's my pick:

    Section 5204 prescribes procedures for municipal takings under the community development statute. These procedures are similar to, but not identical with, the procedures prescribed under Title 23 for local highway takings. Most significantly, community development takings under sec. 5204 are not subject to the limitations contained in 30-A MRSA sec. 3101 for other non-highway municipal takings. Specifically, a municipality may use the community development statute to acquire owner-occupied residential property, even if the owner does not consent, and use of property taken by the municipality is not restricted to the specific use for which it was taken.

    The schools...common core- read this- NY Principal, parents, many towns- government screwed them-

    How do we stop this massive take over. Boycott. Stop participating. LeRage forces his power by with holding funding- how about the 99% Mainers with hold property taxes, boycott school, secede from the State? http://rt.com/usa/163680-california-secession-vote-jefferson/


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