Friday, January 16, 2015

Revealing the Hydra

Seemingly, it's hopeless to fight the Hydra, the guardian of the Underworld in Greek mythology. The Hydra, a beast of numerous heads with lethal breath and bodily fluids, grew two heads if one was severed. But the Hydra was, indeed, defeated by the hero Heracles with the help of his nephew, the Argonaut, Iolaus. First, the Hydra had to be found and forced out of its lair. After each head was severed by Heracles, his nephew cauterized the stump with a branding iron to stop the growth of new heads. But before its demise, the Goddess Hera who saw Heracles was succeeding, sent a crab to distract him. Even so, Heracles crushed the crab, then he and Iolaus dismantled and killed the Hydra.

Charlotte Iserbyt, former U.S. Senior Policy Advisor, U.S. Department of Education and whistleblower, and many others have identified the creeping process shaping the U.S.A. into a global socialistic entity whose progress is both measurable and well-documented throughout history. The magnitude is seen in the sheer numbers of groups including funding involved which are cohesively working towards the ultimate goal to take our freedoms and rights to: private property ownership and protecting our properties, choice in how we're educating our children, choice in our means of making a living, where we want to live and to be safe in our homes and on the streets, our modes of transportation, choice in using resources for activities of daily living (i.e. the temperature of your home, whether in heating or cooling, and even appliances you choose to purchase, etc.), the number of children we choose to add to our families, and so forth. These changes come through insidious gradualism while our Constitution and Bill of Rights similarily become defunct without the firing of a single shot.

Iserbyt says we're fighting a war here in our own country; it's a war without guns as those in power create the means of pushing forth their own agenda and control the resources and people using taxpayer dollars and a stroke of the pen. And to win a war we need to identify the enemy and we need ammunition. Our ammunition starts with informing the people; exposing the heads of the hydra, and taking away their power source - money - our money.

Most of us, who are paying attention, can think of instances in our own neighborhoods, towns, and State where citizens are being mowed over. Rights are taken away, and some will mumble that "those people" can take the issue to court. It costs money to go through the court system, and municipalities know this reality. Perhaps 95% of the people don't have the money, but the municipality has a seemingly never-ending source at the trough. Some will look the other way and say well, it's not happening to me, so it's not my business; I'm the lucky one! Reality is the courts are inaccessible to the majority of Mainers; as a matter of fact, the courts are inaccessible to the majority of U.S.A.'s citizens.

Coming across this blogspot, it's easy to see help isn't forthcoming from any level for Laurie Allen of Belfast: 
Looking at the pictures, how can anyone in charge of the Town think they'd like the same happening to their own property? It's my understanding the Town of Belfast purposefully placed massive drainage systems knowing certain properties would be negatively affected by the amount of redirected water which ultimately ends up in the harbor.A DEP agent had once said to me, he (DEP) "likes to work things out with the town"; in other words, they're not looking to have the towns follow regulations, nor cite them, even when informed.

And according to an article from Bangor Daily News, it seems the town is further planning on dredging and draining a man-made pond known as The Muck (which would similarly follow a drainage path through Allen's and others' properties in the same neighborhood). Someone wrote a comment about feeling sorry for the people who'd be affected by the foul-smelling, cheesy-like goo headed their way from the draining of The Muck. Seems there's a logical reason the pond is named The Muck.

The example here is just one of the many heads of the Hydra. With internet access it becomes easier to find many more instances of how the people's rights are continually violated across the nation, including through police brutality, and instances of misconduct in the judicial system. Seems the citizens' freedoms and rights are taken lightly, while the violator's are protected.

Getting back to the point of Iserbyt, and the purposeful conditioning of our children with Skinnerian/Pavlovian animal-training techniques, perhaps her explanation of what can be observed in the behaviors of people, in general, is actually showing the efficacy and success of the programming. And perhaps this is the reason too many are looking the other way. Expressing exasperation (beating head against a wall) because too many lack comprehension, Iserbyt said she realized it's not their fault.

(Iserbyt, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, pg. 37):

"[Ed. Note: The reader should refer back to the preface of this book, the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, for discussion of the need to create robots who do not know right from wrong and who do not have a conscience—leaving the determination of right and wrong to the proposed United Nations “Global Conscience.”]"

"C.S. Lewis's uncanny ability to predict accurately how society would be manipulated into acceptance of totalitarian control was displayed in the following excerpt taken from a conversation Lewis's fictitious Lord Feverstone had with a young man named Mark:
[Feverstone] "Man has got to take charge of Man. That means, remember, that some men have got to take charge of the rest - which is another reason for cashing in on it as soon as one can. You and I want to be the people who do the taking charge, not the ones who are taken charge of. Quite."

"What sort of thing have you in mind?"

"Quite simple and obvious things, at first - sterilization of the unfit, liquidation of backward races (we don't want any dead weights), selective breeding. Then real education, including pre-natal education. By real education I mean one that has no 'take-it-or-leave-it' nonsense. A real education makes the patient what it wants infallibly: whatever he or his parents try to do about it. Of course, it'll have to be mainly psychological at first. But we'll get on to biochemical conditioning in the end and direct manipulation of the brain..."

"But this is stupendous, Feverstone."

"It's the real thing at last. A new type of man: and it's people like you who've got to begin to make him."

"That's my trouble. Don't think it's false modesty, but I haven't seen how I can contribute."

"No, but we have. You are what we need: a trained sociologist with a radically realistic outlook, not afraid of responsibility. Also, a sociologist who can write."

"You don't mean you want me to write this all up?"

"No. We want you to write it down - to camouflage it. Only for the present, of course. Once the thing gets going we shan't have to bother about the great heart of the British public. We'll make the great heart what we want it to be." (pg.42)"

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